2018 Final Apportionments

Click here to view final apportionments for the conference (all districts)

2017 Apportionments

Click here to view apportionments for the conference (all districts)

Understanding Apportionments

Click here to download a pdf describing how apportionments are calculated and used by the Conference

Treasurer's Remittance Report

Click on either link to download the form:    Word    PDF (This is a fillable pdf - save to your computer, fill in, save again. This document will add up your entries and provide the total. Please do not use commas in the numbers.)

Fitting the Budget Together

Click here to read an article about the 2018 budget, and how it all fits together

Shared Ministry Apportionments Bulletin Inserts

Click here to download bulletin inserts highlighting the many different ways that our connectional giving helps nurture and care for the family of God in our communities and around the world.