2015 Budget Inputs

2015 Budget Inputs

Ross Williams


Dear Treasurers and Finance Chairs (copy to pastors),

You will most likely be working on your 2015 budgets soon.  To assist you in doing so, listed below are some inputs from the Conference:

Health care: The uniform rate for HealthFlex will be $14,640.00. Of this amount, $13,464.00 will be billed to the church and $1,176.00 will be billed to the pastor.

Pension: The cost will remain 11.8% of total compensation, which is defined as base salary plus either a) 25% of salary for a parsonage or b) actual amount of housing allowance for those not provided a parsonage.  For churches with Episcopal appointments of 75% or greater these amounts will be billed to you by the Conference.  For churches with Episcopal appointments of less than 75% these amounts will be remitted directly by the church to the General Board to be deposited into a pastor’s United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP) account.  If the pastor does not elect to contribute at least 1% of salary, the church will be responsible for remitting only 10.8% vs. 11.8%  PensionCalculationWorksheet_4_40_16_PM.doc

CPP: (Death & Disability) for 100% appointments only:  The cost will remain 3.0% of total compensation as defined above.

Apportionments: Available at: http://www.nyac.com/apportionments

Workers Compensation:   Billings will be issued after churches report their 2014 payroll in February/March 2015.  If salaries have not changed significantly, we suggest you use the amount of the 2014 charge and increase it by 3% - 5%.  If salaries have increased significantly, call or e-mail Heman Persaud with payroll data to get an estimate (hpersaud@nyac.com or 914-615-2232).

Professional Reimbursement Account:  The minimum professional reimbursement account for a pastor serving full-time remains at $5,550.00.  Churches may elect to provide greater amounts.  Pastors serving in part-time appointments are to receive a minimum of $1,387.50 for each ¼ time increment.

Minimum Salary Schedule:  Available at: http://www.nyac.com/files/finance/equitablecompensationreport_2014.pdf

Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Sincerely, Ross