Reminder - Please Submit Payroll Data by this Friday

Reminder - Please Submit Payroll Data by this Friday

Ross Williams


Just a friendly reminder that we need final 2014 payroll data to be reported by this Friday.  As of today we have only about 30% of the submissions.

See e-mail below for details.

Thanks!  Ross

Dear Church Treasurer and Finance Chair (copy to Pastors),

Last year we implemented an on-line collection system for payroll data, which significantly streamlined the process of issuing accurate bills for Workers' Compensation insurance. The new process has eliminated almost all of the corrections we were encountering on the part of both churches and the Conference. It is now time for churches and church-controlled preschools to report their final 2014 wages by February 6th using this system. Treasurers have found the system to be very easy to use in conjuction with the instructions below and the "Frequently Asked Questions" document.

Some Background:
All churches and church-controlled preschools are required to be included in the master Workers' Compensation policy of the Conference. To correctly bill premiums, we need to provide payroll data to the insurer for each covered organization. In the past this process was handled by the insurer, who mailed a form to each church & preschool, many of which were not completed correctly or returned at all. In some cases, the church / preschool office may have not known what to do with the forms or potentially, the mailing was never received in the first place.

To address this issue and to ensure that Workers' Compensation premiums are processed correctly, we implemented an on-line collection system for payroll data. We use this data once per year to both: a) issue final bills based upon actual payroll for the preceding year, and b) issue estimated bills for the current year. Since bills will always be “trued-up” based upon actual payroll, the church is assured of paying the correct premium regardless of increases or decreases in staff.

Click here to download a “Frequently Asked Questions” document about Workers Compensation, the online system and who to contact with questions.

Listed below are instructions for submitting data.

Please ensure that you submit this data by Friday, February 6th.

If you have technical issues while completing the form, please contact Barbara Eastman at

If you have questions about what data to enter, please contact Heman Persaud at

If you have any general questions about Workers Compensation, please feel free to call me.

Sincerely, Ross

1) Click on one of the two following links, depending upon whether your church is located in NY or CT:
For CT Churches and Preschools:
For NY Churches and Preschools:
2) Enter the contact details for the person completing the form. This information is essential in case we need to contact you for questions or clarifications on your submission.
3) Choose the name of your church from the drop-down list. If you do not see your church listed, please contact Barbara Eastman at
4) In the next section, click one of the four options depending upon whether you are submitting for only the church, only the preschool or both.
5) Insert the Federal Taxpayer ID Number where requested for the church / preschool you are submitting payroll for.
6) Enter the requested payroll and other data into the various categories listed.
7) Click on “Submit Form”
You will then receive an e-mail confirmation that we have received your submission.