Were the Pilgrims refugees?

Were the Pilgrims refugees?

Board of Church & Society


We have just concluded the Thanksgiving weekend where families gather around tables to celebrate and remember their common history and far-flung connections.  Do we ever think about the Pilgrims as refugees?  Did we include a prayer or discussion about the situation in Syria during this year’s gathering?  Do you find yourself wondering what you can DO about the refugee situation?

Our United Methodist connection has been working hard to lobby for acceptance of refugees and to lift up the core value of welcoming the sojourner.  As both Christians and Americans, we support opening our doors and practicing the principle of loving our neighbors.
As the recent Groundswell petition says,
The United States has a proud history of resettling refugees of all faiths. Keeping Syrian refugees out of this country based on their nationality or religion sends the wrong message to the rest of the world about who we are as Americans and dishonors our historic legacy of welcoming. We are a welcoming country with a religiously diverse society and our resettlement program must continue to reflect this. To not do so only feeds into ISIS’ propaganda and makes us all less safe.

So, as we move from the feast of Thanksgiving into the preoccupations of our Christmas season, take time to do a few things: