Finding a lost phone

Barbara Eastman

July 31, 2017

Our phones have become so important to us that losing one can cause a lot of stress and expense. Many of you already how how to set up your phone so that you can find it if it's lost, but for those who haven't yet done this, here's some help from Popular Science magazine (please turn down your volume before you click the link, and excuse the ads): The instructions are for both iPhone and Android devices, and also include information on how to ring, lock ...

Issues Affecting the Use of Wireless Microphones

Barbara Eastman

July 19, 2017

Overview Some wireless microphones (mics) currently in use will soon  be illegal to operate. The FCC auctioned off a frequency bandwidth this past April – one that had been used by TV stations and many wireless mics. The auction of this band was done to meet the demand resulting from the proliferation of cell phones in the US. If your wireless mic is within this auctioned frequency (600MHz), you will need to replace it soon (and sooner than later if you are in the NY Metropolitan area). ...

Offering ‘Understanding’ May be Wrong Response

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

July 18, 2017

“If I could change places with him, I gladly would. He has so much life left to live, I have already had a full life. I would be glad to die if it would save my son.” He knows changing places is not possible. Yet he knows how he feels. He, among other things, is feeling helpless, which is apparent in his response to hearing his son’s diagnosis. What does one say in response to such anguish? His son knows that he is facing serious medical issues and is very concerned how his 90-plus-year-old ...

Accepting Communication As It Comes

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

June 21, 2017

She had beautiful red hair, wore stylish clothes, and had a certain assurance about her. When younger, she would cause heads to turn, a stereotypical “looker.” Everything about her emitted the sense that her life was in order. In addition, she was always pleasant and had many friends. She raised a capable and productive family to whom she was very close.  Not all at once, but piece by piece, all of that came apart. She began getting lost in her own neighborhood. Her clothes looked less stylish,...

Encourage Elders to Be Politically Active

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

May 15, 2017

Some years ago, I was privileged to be present when a resident at United Methodist Homes in Shelton, Conn., received a call from the White House to wish her well on her 100th birthday. She received the call graciously and thanked the president and then spoke with the first lady. They chatted for a few moments when the resident said, “I always admired you, but I need to tell you, I don’t agree with a lot of what your husband says and does.” Since the phone was on the speaker, we heard the first...

Message from Rev. John Calhoun, Coordinator of International Ministries, Kyiv, Ukraine

April 17, 2017

Easter message from: Rev. John Calhoun Coordinator of International Ministries, Kyiv, Ukraine Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church GBGM Advance #13970Z

Elder Abuse Can Come in Subtle Ways

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

March 15, 2017

As the NYAC Older Adult Committee gears up for an April program on recognizing and responding to elder abuse, it has been struck by the ways (often unconscious) that congregations allow such abuse to continue in their midst. Among them: There is the manipulation that family and other loved ones and friends often participate in when they have access to their loved one’s money. There is asking for donations, when there is a question of a person’s ability to understand her finances. I was ...

Dorcas Ewoodzie, Global Mission Fellow

March 14, 2017

Dorcas Ewoodzie, Global Mission Fellow in Kenya, is currently supported by two churches in our conference: Diamond Hill and Islip. See the links below for two interesting reports she sent. Report-on-AACC-7th-Theological-Institute-2016-Dorcas.pdf Site-Visit-Kaaga-Biotensive-Agricultural-Training-Center-Dorcas.pdf  

Discounted Software for Not-for-profits

Ross Williams

February 23, 2017

Dear Treasurers and Finance Chairs (copy to Pastors), I want to let you know about the opportunity to purchase computer software at steeply discounted prices through a Not-for-profit organization called "TechSoup" (yes, it's a very strange name). In my spare time I handle the accounting for a Not-for-profit charitable organization and last year I purchased QuickBooks for only $19.00 through TechSoup.  Microsoft Office is available for only $29.00. These prices represent savings of hundreds of ...

Annual Audits

Ross Williams

February 21, 2017

Dear Finance Chairs (copy to Pastors and Treasurers) The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring that all financial books, records and bank accounts undergo an annual audit. This is required by the Book of Discipline, which is the governing document of our denomination (see excerpt at end of e-mail).  Included in the audit (or audited separately) would be the transactions of the church's operating account, Board of Trustees, Pre-school (if controlled by the church), Memorial Funds, ...

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