Mission/Missionary Stories

Missionary Dieudonne Karihano from Mozambique

June 08, 2015

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Missionary Jean Claude Masuka Maleka from Guinea

May 21, 2015

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Missionary Helen Camarce's Newsletter from Cambodia

April 08, 2015

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Update from Nora Asedillo Cunningham in the Philippines

March 26, 2015

Greetings!    I hope that this message finds you well. For those that I have not met, my name is Nora Asedillo Cunningham, and I am a Global Mission Fellow International of the 2014-2016 class.  The Global Mission Fellow program is one of three tracks of Generation Transformation, the young adult missionary programming of the General Board of Global Ministries.  My term is to serve 20 months internationally and then 4 months in my home country.  Click to read the newsletter for my first 6-months...

Update from John Calhoun in Kyiv, Ukraine

February 12, 2015

February 2015   Dearest friends in Christ,   Greetings and peace to you from Kyiv.  Thank you all so very much for your ongoing support and prayers for the United Methodist Church in Ukraine.  As many of you know, in recent weeks the fighting has escalated again in eastern Ukraine.  Pro-Russian separatist groups continue to clash with Ukrainian armed forces, with many innocent civilians being injured or killed by the violence.  Diplomats from Ukraine, Russia, and western countries have been ...

December Newsletter from Missionary SunLae Kim in Mongolia

January 09, 2015

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December Newsletter from our Ecuador Mission Partners

December 23, 2014

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Being Reshaped by My Mission Journey

December 10, 2014

By Volunteer in Mission Debbie Disciple’s Message:  “Unity”   George and I were blessed to serve The United Methodist Church with nine other wonderful people in Ghana, Africa October 3-15 (2014).  I plan to share more during today’s message.   While there, I purchased a Unity carving.   Unity carvings are one of Ghana’s most famous works of art. They’re known for their beauty, the genius behind their design, and for the extreme difficulty of carving each one.   The wood for the unity is taken ...

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