Prison Ministry

A College Education for Prisoners

Board of Church & Society

February 16, 2016

This New York Times editorial gives a good history of the struggle to provide educational opportunities for prisoners and the good results that come from such education.

Lenten Study Guide

Board of Church & Society

December 29, 2015

Great resource for Lent 2016 now available!

Ban the Box campaign

Board of Church & Society

November 11, 2015

“Ban the Box” The movement to forbid employers to ask job applicants about criminal convictions at the beginning of the application process is gaining traction.  Nineteen states and one hundred cities and counties are on board with this concept and now President Obama has ordered federal agencies also to “ban the box” as these fair chance laws are being called. (The box referred to is the one you would check on a job application that asks about a criminal record.) What this means is that the 70...

Results of Prison Ministry Survey

Board of Church & Society

October 30, 2015

Summary of responses to the Prison Ministry Initiative Survey The following is an informal analysis of the survey results, rather than a strictly statistical and scientific one.   The Prison Ministry Initiative Survey was conducted via Survey Monkey, with the first response on January 13, 2014 and the last response on April 7, 2014.  The survey is now closed. There were 51 total responses, of which 8 contained no information other than the church name and 6 were duplicate entries from the same...