Director of Building Operations, White Plains: Memorial UMC

Director of Building Operations, White Plains: Memorial UMC


Mission: To run our building sustainably, for the glory of God and in support of our progressive principles. Represent the Board of Trustees. Responsible for building safety and maintenance, calendar, contracts, overseeing income (accounts receivable) and expenses (bills), and all payroll. Reports on these activities to Trustees, Finance, and Church Council. Supervised by the Pastor.

Direct Reports: Office Administrator


  • Contractors
  • Building Partners (BCC, LOFT, Thrift Shop, MLK)
  • Building users (12-step, YAl, Walkabout, among others)
  • Trustees, SPRC and Finance
  • Supervise building repairs, maintenance, and improvements, in accordance with Trustees' priorities. Negotiate with, schedule, and supervise outside contractors approved by the Trustees. These would include (at minimum) cleaning persons, grounds maintenance and plowing services, heating and electrical contractors, plumber, handy-person, and trash removal/hauling service.
  • Supervise all building inspections and certificates.
  • Be first contact for building emergencies.
  • Advise Trustees of situations needing their attention.
  • Administer contracts as instructed by Trustees, including insurance certificates, with partners and building users.
  • Maintain building calendar.
  • Respond to or forward church email.
  • Submit payroll twice a month for school and church.
  • Administer staff health benefits.
  • Organize payment approvals for bookkeeper. Coordinate invoice reviews by Trustees or Finance, as appropriate.
  • Follow up on accounts receivable.
  • Order building and office supplies. (Coordinate with ECC on their orders.)
  • Maintain files, procedures, required documentation and instructions.
  • Be present in the church: answer phones, take messages, deal with walk-ins, sort mail, solve problems.
  • Attend Trustees and Finance meetings. Prepare detailed reports for review.
  • Recruit new building partners to achieve income and mission goals.

This is a salaried, full-time position, 20-days of vacation annually.
Health insurance

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Pastor Siobhan Sargent at: