2009 Inserts

In response to requests for Fair Share Apportionment interpretation, The Office of Connectional Ministries in consultation with conference leadership has developing a series of bulletin inserts for use throughout the year to highlight areas of ministry made possible Thanks to Your Support. These were originally scheduled for use between September 13 - December 27, 2009, but can now be used at any time

The "Connected in Our Giving" insert is very important — it asks, and answers, the question “what is connectional giving?”. The following inserts lift various ministries, including how a portion of funds “come back to the district and the local church.”
The best result for the local church would be to download the bulletin insert pdf and print copies for Sunday bulletins. Our hope is to demonstrate how each and every local church ministry is part of a greater whole.


Together We Make a Difference through
Shared Ministry Apportionments


To download the bulletin insert to your computer for printing, right click on the name, choose "save file as" from the list, and save to your computer. Each pdf file is 8.5"x11" with two inserts per page. The free Acrobat Reader program is needed to view and print these files. Please click here to download Acrobat Reader to your computer.
  For B&W printers For Color printers
Making Disciples for the World — B&W Making Disciples for the World — Color
Leadership for Life — B&W Leadership for Life — Color
Camping Opportunities — B&W Camping Opportunities — Color
Mission Outreach in Churches — B&W Mission Outreach in Churches — Color
Improving Our Ministries — B&W Improving Our Ministries — Color
Annual Meeting at Hofstra — B&W Annual Meeting at Hofstra — Color
Conference Staff & Offices — B&W Conference Staff & Offices — Color
The Vision and NYAC Web Site — B&W The Vision and NYAC Web Site — Color
Health & Pension Benefits — B&W Health & Pension Benefits — Color
Rethink Church — B&W Rethink Church — Color
Youth Ministry — B&W Youth Ministry — Color
Preserving the Past — B&W Preserving the Past — Color
Scholarships Awarded — B&W Scholarships Awarded — Color
Disaster Response — B&W Disaster Response — Color
Equipping Laity — B&W Equipping Laity — Color
Connected in Our Giving — B&W Connected in Our Giving — Color