2013 Journal

2013 NYAC Journal
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Table of Contents

        Page #
  Preface & Journal Table of Contents (in the pdf of Section I)  
I Leadership of the Annual Conference 1
II Conference Organizations – Delegates/Members  
  A General and Jurisdictional Delegates 9
  B Boards, Commissions, Committees 10
  C District Boards and Committees 34
III Daily Proceedings of the New York Annual Conference  
  A Roll Call 39
  B Minutes of the 214th Session of the New York Annual Conference 44
  C Episcopal Address 71
  D Certificates 77
IV Business of the Annual Conference 79
    Disciplinary Questions  
V Appointments  
  A Appointments to the Local Church 109
  B Pastoral Appointments in Other United Methodist Conferences 119
  C Appointments to Extension Ministries 120
VI Reports and Petitions  
  Reports Index (lists committees/commissions/groups in each Legislative Section) 126
  A   Legislative Section Reports & Petitions 127
      Section 1: Ministries of Witness  
      Section 2: Connectional Ministries and Ministries of Nurture  
      Section 3: Ministries of Advocacy  
      Section 4: Commissioning  
      Section 5: Clergy Care & Conference Finance  
      Section 6: Administration  
  B Corporate Session Reports & Resolutions 263
  C Legislative Section Reports — The "Green Sheets" 281
VII Budget, Financial Schedules, and Audits 299
VIII Let Us Remember  
  A Memoirs 327
  B Workers in the Church Triumphant 352
IX Historical  
  A Conference Sessions 359
  B Benefactors’ Memorial 360
X Miscellaneous  
  1 Conference Rules of Order 361
  2 Ruling of Law 375
XI Policies and Procedures of NYAC — on nyac.com Web site  
  A Sexual Ethics Policy & Procedures  
  B Parsonage Standards  
  C Cross-Racial & Cross-Cultural Appointments  
  D FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) for Staff-Parish Relations Committees  
XII Pastoral Records 381
XIII Salary Schedules 465
XIV Statistics 476
XV Health and Welfare Ministries and Camps 503
  Journal Correction Form & Guide to Conference Staff 508
XVI Index 511