2016 Annual Conference

The 2016 annual conference was held at Hofstra University from June 8 through 11, 2016.

CDs, DVDs & Audio Recordings

CDs, DVDs and audio recordings of the events held in the arena are now available. You can purchase yours here:


Conference Vision Updates are online.

Click here to read what's been happening.

Lost and Found



Offerings received included:

  • Imagine No Malaria, $7,959.52
  • Black College Fund, $5,535
  • Middleton School in Sierra Leone, $11,144.80 (plus $25,000 collected before conference began)
  • Young Clergy Debt Assistance Program, $7,213

Healthcare Kits

Some 4,198 health kits were collected and sent off to UMCOR.


The workshops were a big success! Some of the workshop leaders have shared their PowerPoint presentations and handouts with us. You can find those at the top of the page here:  Click here for more details about these workshops.