2019 Journal

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Table of Contents:

        Page #
  Preface & Journal Table of Contents  
I Leadership of the Annual Conference 1  
II Conference Organizations – Delegates/Members  
  A General and Jurisdictional Delegates 10
  B Boards, Commissions, Committees 11
  C District Boards and Committees 38
III Daily Proceedings of the New York Annual Conference  
  A1 Roll Call - Interim Conference, March 2019 42
  A2 Roll Call - Annual Conference, June 2019 46
  B1 Minutes of the 2019 Special Session of the New York Annual Conference 50
  B2 Minutes of the 220th Session of the New York Annual Conference 66
  C Certificates 108
IV Business of the Annual Conference 112
V Appointments  
  A Appointments to the Local Church 153
  B Pastoral Appointments in Other United Methodist Conferences 169
  C To Attend School 169
  D Appointments to Extension Ministries 170
  E Full Clergy Members on Leave of Absence 173
  F Deacons 173
  G Diaconal Ministers 175
  H Deaconesses/Home Missioners 175
VI Reports and Petitions  
  Reports Index (lists committees/commissions/groups in each Legislative Section) 175
  A   Legislative Section Reports & Petitions 176
      Section 1: Ministries of Witness  
      Section 2: Connectional Ministries and Ministries of Nurture  
      Section 3: Ministries of Advocacy  
      Section 4: Commissioning  
      Section 5: Clergy Care & Conference Finance  
      Section 6: Administration  
  B Corporate Session Reports & Resolution 290
  C Legislative Section Reports — The "Green Sheets" 301
VII Budget, Financial Schedules, and Audits 315
VIII Let Us Remember  
  A Memoirs (v2) 345
  B Workers in the Church Triumphant 363
  C Bequests 371
IX Historical Conference Sessions 372
X Miscellaneous 374
  Conference Rules  
XI Policies and Procedures of NYAC — on nyac.com Web site 388
  A Sexual Ethics Policy & Procedures  
  B Parsonage Standards  
  C Cross-Racial & Cross-Cultural Appointments  
  D FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) for Staff-Parish Relations Committees  
XII Pastoral Records 389
XIII Salary Schedules 471
XIV Statistics 484
XV Health and Welfare Ministries and Camps 510
  Journal Correction Form & Guide to Conference Staff  
XVI Index 517