2020 Ordination and Commissioning Candidates



Ordination is chiefly understood as the act of the Holy Spirit. As a liturgical act, ordination is also understood as the public prayer of the church confirming the Spirit’s call to individuals and asking for them gifts and power for the ministry of deacon or elder.

The rite of ordination is the climax of a process in which the faith community discerns and validates the call, the gifts, and effectiveness for apostolic ministry by agency of the Holy Spirit. Always more than a single liturgical moment, ordination is a full process in which all of the baptized share.

The process begins with the church’s discernment of God’s call to individuals for service as ordained leaders, continues with support and scrutiny as they prepare for this work, culminates in electing them to the office and work of a deacon or an elder, and is celebrated and enacted liturgically in the service of ordination.

Noted below are all who in 2020, have been called to be ordained and set apart in ministry:

Licensed Local Pastors 

John Esposito

Nathalie Ernst

Joseph G. Lalanne

Jeremiah Paul

Wayne Redman

Annette Rodriguez

Tyler Sprouse

Barbara Whitlow


Commissioned as Provisional Members

Scharlise M. Dorsey

Jinwoo Kim

Dorlimar Lebron Malave

Ordination as Elder

Elizabeth C. Abel

Dong Hyun Choi         

Prince Donkor             

Lillian M. Hertel                   

Bruce P. Lamb                      

Sun Joo Lee                           

Kirk D. Lyons, Sr.                

Angela M. Redman                        

Siobhan Sargent                    

Margaret Schramm Horn 

Ordination as Deacon

Marcia A. White-Smith

Recognition as Elder in Full Connection

Althea Spencer Miller

Commissioned as Deaconesses

Monica Bartley “The Summons”

Christi Campos

Gail Douglas-Boykin