Linked above is a video recording of our First Annual Healthy Transitions Workshop. The well-attended webinar, held on Monday, June 7, 2021, was presented as a resource for incoming and outgoing pastors; Lay Leaders; SPRC Chairpersons and Members; and Church Council Chairperson and Members. 

Together with Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton, Resident Bishop of the New York Annual Conference, attendees engaged in an interactive exploration of the tools and tactics to assist in an intentional and successful transition into new appointments and the future growth of our Conference ministry.  

This new and intentional training opportunity is one of several that will lay the groundwork newly appointed pastors and congregations need to ensure a positive and healthy transition.

Upcoming trainings will continue to be participatory and highly-engaged—including breakout discussions, time to explore with our NYAC Director of Leadership Development and Intercultural Competency, Rev. Doris K. Dalton, and a question and answer session with Bishop Bickerton. 

Topics covered include:

  • Managing the Grief Process; 
  • Healthy Goodbyes and Welcoming Hellos; 
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries; 
  • Preparing for a Cross-Racial/Cross-Cultural appointment and more. 

Please check this page periodically for information on how to join upcoming meetings.