2023 Sexual Ethics and Boundaries Training

The New York Annual Conference (NYAC) Sexual Ethics and Boundaries Training works to equips all clergy
and laity with a robust, real-world understanding and awareness of employment laws and permissible behavior regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.
Gaining the understanding and awareness needed to maintain a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace is a crucial part of eradicating sexual harassment and misconduct in the United Methodist Church.

This training is offered twice-a-year by the NYAC. All Conference clergy — whether Local Pastor, Elder, in parish or extension ministry, part or full time — are required to attend one of the training sessions each year.

It is also highly recommended that all laity, particularly those who are in leadership positions, attend annually as well. 

Attendance for the entire training is required to receive certification. 

Following this training, each participant should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Do you know what state law requires you to do in cases of sexual or gender harassment?
  • Do you understand inherent power and the impact of it on how your behavior is perceived?
  • Do you know who to contact when have a concern or need additional guidance?
  • As a supervisor do you understand your legal responsibilities if you become aware of questionable behaviors of employees? 
  • How will you hold one another accountable in order to help prevent harassment and promote a culture and working atmosphere of integrity and respect? 

What to expect: The NYAC Sexual Ethics and Boundaries Training will look at:

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