Disaster Training Events

We can be anxious - or we can be prepared

A key to effective response is effective preparation.

At a recent meeting in New York City between voluntary disaster response organizations, representatives from FEMA, the Office of Emergency Management, and other city and local agencies, we took part in a table-top exercise – coordinating how we would respond and interact if a Category 3 Hurricane were barreling in on the greater New York area. The thing is, this was not just a theoretical exercise – in recent years we have had Lee, Irene, and Sandy, and narrowly avoided Hermine, Joaquin, and Matthew. As well, there have been a number of more localized events throughout the Conference boundaries.

This fall, the NYAC Disaster Response Ministry office will continue to focus on training events for local churches.
"Connecting Neighbors - Ready Church" is an UMCOR and NYAC-based curriculum designed to assist churches in preparing their parishioners more effectively for disasters, preparing churches  for C  cu ihOur has been focusing on Preparedness. Particularly, developing a District-based structure and plan which would allow us to respond more quickly and effectively in our local communities. We have had trainings in ERT Basic and Recertification, Disaster Emotional and Spiritual Care, and Connecting Neighbors. The long-term goal is to have every church establish its own disaster response plan – for both its own preparedness and for community response.

One of the major points that came out of the meeting in NYC was that local municipalities, and other federal, state and local agencies rely on the volunteer sector – particularly the faith community – to be there in times of need. 

Are we ready? Are you ready?

Upcoming disaster response training events and trips:


Other training events offered by the NYAC Disaster Response Ministry 

  • Disaster 101 – The Church Responds (2.5 hrs)
  • ERT Basic (7 hrs)
  • ERT Recertification (3 hrs)
  • Disaster Emotional and Spiritual Care (DESC) Basic (7 hrs)
  • DESC – Team Leader  (3 hrs)
  • Connecting Neighbors (3 stand-alone modules, 2 hrs ea)
  • Future – Long Range Team Leader Training (3 hrs)

For additional information or to schedule a training event please contact Tom Vencuss (tvencuss@nyac.com).