Disaster Training Events

We can be anxious - or we can be prepared

A key to effective response is effective preparation.

The New York Annual Conference continues to focus on training events for individuals and local churches so that we will be able to respond more effectively to disaster events. We can be anxious, or we can be prepared.

Upcoming disaster response training events:

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Disaster Training Events - to schedule a training for your church or community contact: Tom Vencuss (tvencuss@nyac.com) 


Connecting Neighbors – Be a “Ready” Church   
Is your church prepared to respond an emergency or localized disaster? Do you have a personal emergency plan for yourself or family? Does your church have a plan of preparedness for predicted natural disasters? Is there a procedure in place for addressing medical emergencies or disruptive behavior during worship or other church events? Have you identified both the vulnerable population of your congregation and the resources available to your community? These are some of the questions we consider as part of Connecting Neighbors – Ready Church. This workshop is especially important for church leaders: trustees, lay leaders, care and outreach ministries,
Early Response Team (ERT) Basic and Re-certification
ERTs are our first line of response as soon as an “all clear” is established in a disaster event. This UMCOR-based training provides the basic information and hands-on training required for badging and response teams.

Disaster Emotional and Spiritual Care
Offering a Christian presence in the immediate aftermath of a disaster is critical to both individual and community healing. This workshop provides both an overview of disaster emotional and spiritual care as well as practical “do’s and don’ts” in working with survivors.
Team Leader Training
A critical first step in deploying disaster response teams is having an experienced and qualified team leader. This UMCOR-based workshop will equip and certify NYAC participants as Disaster Response.
For additional questions or information please contact Tom Vencuss (tvencuss@nyac.com) at the NYAC Missions office.