Disaster Training Events

We can be anxious - or we can be prepared

A key to effective response is effective preparation.

The New York Annual Conference continues to focus on training events for individuals and local churches so that we will be able to respond more effectively to disaster events. We can be anxious, or we can be prepared. 


Upcoming disaster response training events:

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Other training events offered by the NYAC Disaster Response Ministry 

  • Connecting Neighbors - Ready Church (Preparing the local church for disaster response) 3 hrs.  
  • Early Response Team (ERT)  Basic 6 hrs. Contact: Art Mellor (art12561@gmail.com) 
  • ERT Recertification (3 hrs)  Contact: Art Mellor (art12561@gmail.com)
  • Disaster Care Teams - Basic  (7 hrs)  Contact: Wendy Vencuss (wvencuss@gmail.com)
  • Disaster Care Teams - Team Leader (3 hrs)   Contact: Wendy Vencuss (wvencuss@gmail.com)
  • For additional information or to schedule a training event please contact the NYAC Missions office (tvencuss@nyac.com).