Mission Events

A mission-centered event is a great way to have a transformative educational experience, while responding to current issues in a faith-rooted, participatory and action-oriented way. If this seems appealing, please explore the opportunities below to engage, assist and learn about UMC mission in a manner that takes our current social distancing expectations into account.

Virtual Itineration Schedule and Registration

Despite the pandemic, United Methodist missionaries remain deeply engaged in work around the world. Normally, a number of them “itinerate” each year to visit the churches and individuals that support them in ministry.

COVID-19 has put a stop to most travel but that doesn’t mean the missionaries aren’t available to meet virtually! 

Each month, four missionaries are invited to be in conversation with laity and clergy throughout the church to
share the joys and challenges they’ve experienced. Please note that registration for the events listed below is limited. If a spot is available, you will receive a confirmation email. If the limit is reached, you will get priority for future events.


Still in Mission Episode Three
June 11 11:00am
Featured Missionaries: 
Andrew Lee, Helen Camarce, Kyeong-ah Woo, and David Guinkpa. This week we feature missionaries that are working in Administrative Roles.

Still in MIssion Episode Four
June 18 9:00am EDT
Featured Missionaries: 
Christina Young Kim, Jane Kies, Connie Wieck, and Jonathan McCurley. This week we feature missionaries that are directly working with Higher Education, Education with Children, and Training Opportunities with Adults.

Still in MIssion Episode Five
June 25 9:00PM EDT
Featured MIssionaries: 
Alma & Richard Navarro, Adam Shaw, and Jin Kim. This week we feature missionaries that are directly working with issues of Social Justice.

Still in Mission Episode Six
July 2; 9:00 PM EDT
Featured Missionaries: 
Joy Eva Bohol, Sandra Raasch, Innocent Afful, and Ellyn Dubberly. This week we feature missionaries that are directly working with Youth Engagement, Empowerment, and Education.

Mission U 2020 (Formerly the Cooperative School of Christian Mission) 
Learning Together for the Transformation of the World (July 24-26, 2020)
The Hilton Stamford Hotel