A Narrative for the Continuing UMC

At the recent 2021 Fall meeting, the United Methodist Church Council of Bishops completed a time of worship, plenary, and covenant groups seeking God’s guidance to lead the church by overwhelmingly approving a narrative that provides a framework and begins illuminating a path for the continuing United Methodist Church.

The document — approved by  Bishops, from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America — reminds all United Methodists of Christ’s prayer for unity and the commandment to gather all to the table, to make space for one another, appreciate one another, and look for Christ in each other. 

The Bishops noted that they are “committed to strengthening every local church, where the word is preached and Christ is offered, and where the table is set before all who hunger and thirst for righteousness.”

All are encourage to read, reflect on, and share this message:






Watch and download a video of the Narrative as read by NYAC Clergy and Laity: