About the New York Annual Conference

The New York Annual Conference is a regional unit of United Methodist churches and people. The conference includes all of Long Island, New York City, Connecticut west of the Connecticut River and an area on both sides of the Hudson River as far west as Walton and as far north as Chatham and North Blenheim. More than 100,000 people belong to the over 430 United Methodist congregations in this area.

We are a diverse people.

As United Methodist people of the New York Annual Conference, we trace our ancestry to all but one of the seven continents of the world: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. We have significant ethnic constituencies from South America, Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, Korea and China.

Our Conference provides opportunity not only for cross-cultural pastoral appointments, but also opportunity for the laity to gather in multi-cultural settings for a diversity of worship experiences and traditions.

Our music varies from traditional and classical to experimental, praise and gospel. Our prayers are always from the heart, by they formal or spontaneous.

We are a people of the Bible, reading many translations and basing our life decisions on Scripture, tradition, experience and reason. We cherish our 270+year-old heritage initiated in 18th century England by John Wesley.

Our faith vision focuses on the future God has opened for the people called United Methodist.


Our Mission, Vision and Core Values