AC 2023: Petitions

Annual Conference 2023 Petitions

Petitions: Section 1 (Ending the Korean War and Ensuring the Lasting Peace on the Korean Peninsula)

Petitions Section 2 (see below)

  • Petition 201 (Ending Tobacco Flavoring to Protect Vulnerable People)
  • Petition 202 (Supporting the Removal of Discriminatory Policies)
  • Petition 203 (Spreading the Word, Centering the Margin)
  • Petition 204 (Protecting Children from Predatory Marketing for Unhealthy Foods and Beverages)
  • Petition 205 (Resolution to Protect UM Deaconesses and Human Rights Workers Under Mortal 4 Threat in         the Philippines) 
  • Petition 206 (Charge Conferences Must Agree to Joint Meetings (for General Conference))
  • Petition 207 (Petition to the General Conference from the New York Annual Conference urging the 4 adoption of the following resolution: Resist Censorship)

Petitions: Section 3 (Renewed Call to Overhaul the NYAC Conference Directory)

Petitions: Section 4 (Elimination of Annual Conference Registration Fees)