NYAC Centering and Reflection Time

March 4, 2021

In this week’s reflection, Tom and Wendy Vencuss, NYAC’s Coordinators for Mission & Disaster Recovery and Abundant Health, respectively, challenge us to envision a new future rather than a new normal.  

Moving forward from disaster to recovery, how will we be God’s Church in a post-pandemic world?


February 25, 2021

During this week’s devotional, Karin Squires, pastor of the Olivebridge and Samsonville Churches in Catskill Hudson, reminds us that music is from God and can draw us back to God. When our attention wanders and we grow anxious because of all that is going on in our lives, Pastor Karin encourages us to “turn our eyes upon Jesus” to help us regain our perspective.  



February 18, 2021

Rev. Sejin Cha, pastor of the Ulster Heights and St. Mark’s: Napanoch churches in the Catskill Hudson District, provides us with some “food for thought” in this week’s reflection.  When we gather together for a meal, we overcome barriers, we learn to delight in each other, and we become family.  Our time together is sacred time.


February 11, 2021

Today's Centering and Reflection moment is from the Closing Worship Service of Bishop's Convocation 2021.
We pray that you watch (again) and use this moment to reflect, take time for yourself and just breathe...


February 4, 2021

Rev. Jenna Johnson, Youth Ministry Coordinator for the New York Annual Conference, offers this week's reflection on the importance of staying the course, pushing through and trusting in the work that God is doing in our midst —even when you're feeling stuck in a rut.



January 28, 2021

Today’s Centering and Reflection is offered by Marie Bell from Trinity-Boscobel United Methodist Church in Buchanan, New York. Bell, a certified lay speaker for the NY/CT District, offers a message (What Does God See in Your Mirror?) that is based on James 1:22-24.



January 21, 2021

Today’s Centering and Reflection is offered by Reverend Dr. Marva Usher-Kerr of Freeport United Methodist Church. The message (based on today's scripture: Genesis 45: 3-11) focuses on the joy and wonder that God-designed surprises bring into our lives. 

January 14, 2021

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton will offer this week’s Centering & Reflection entitled, “We need the Light.”
We’re two weeks into our journey through 2021, and the year is already rife with uncertainty. We need the light… We need to actively pursue the manifestation of the Christ Child in our midst and seek religious assurance, stability, hopefulness and faithfulness. But it will require us to walk in faith—and follow the light. 

January 7, 2021

This week's reflection entitled, "Epiphany and the Chalking of Doors," is offered by Margaret Howe, New York Annual Conference Secretary and an active lay servant for the New Paltz United Methodist Church (NPUMC). In her devotional, Howe reminds us how the story of the three magi and door chalking go together as a blessing that takes on new significance in today's world. The music is provided Lee Pritchard, NPUMC director of music, Margaret's husband, and a retired SUNY New Paltz music professor and conductor. 

December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas from Bishop Bickerton and the entire New York Annual Conference family!  Bishop's message for this unprecedented season is simple: Do not be afraid. This Christmas, our faith—defined as a complete trust in God's presence—must sustains us. In 2020, we are and have been afraid. Yet, God is with us today, tomorrow and always. Have faith...


This week's Centering and Reflection message is offered by Rev. Jenna Johnson, Youth Ministry Coordinator
for the New York Annual Conference, 
who offers a timely message on the importance of our willingness to bear 
witness and work as collaborators with God working to make the world more like the kin-dom of Christ.
Go here to watch now. (DECEMBER 16, 2020) 

A Centering and Reflection message from Doris Dalton, NYAC Director of Leadership Development
and Intercultural Competency.
 Watch as Rev. Dalton offers a hope-filled message on the "Audacity
of Joy"
in this unprecedented Advent season as a declaration of our belief that God's promises are real. (DECEMBER 10, 2020)

Matt Curry, Director of Connectional Ministries for the New York Annual Conference, offers an Advent Centering and Reflection message on the increased importance of hope, love, joy and peace during these broken and unfixed times. Go here to watch now.  (DECEMBER 3, 2020)