Benefits of the Free Seminar

Our Methodist Connectional System at Work!

Presented by fellow members of The United Methodist Church – Ed Ruppmann & John Henderson

Some of the benefits of this Free Financial Planning Seminar:

  • Receive comprehensive individual Financial Plans free of charge
  • Develop strategies to increase savings potential
  • Determine how much savings you need for college or retirement
  • Develop an investment plan to achieve savings target – then implement the plan with an advisor of your choice
  • Determine how long your money will last once you have retired
  • Evaluate elder care and estate planning needs
  • Save up to 50% for elder care and estate planning services
  • Save up to 33% for a will, healthcare proxy, and life estate

Some of the Questions We Will Answer Are:

  • How much can I save with no change in lifestyle?
  • How much do I need to save for college?
  • Will I have retirement savings to last until age 90?
  • Can I reduce insurance costs and invest the difference?
  • Are investment plans consistent with my risk appetite?
  • How can I protect my life savings from Medicaid?
  • How can I transfer my life savings to my family and Church without paying 50% tax to Uncle Sam or the states of CT/NY?

Some of the topics we’ll discuss are:

  • Sources of Retirement Income: Strategies to ensure your Nest Egg doesn’t run out, Retirement Savings Programs, Impact of Inflation, Traditional versus Roth IRA’s – which is best for me? Top 10+ Savings Strategies.
  • Investment Alternatives: What are: debt & equity investments, bonds, money market funds, certificates of deposit, mutual funds?
  • How to develop an investment plan: Historical performance, strategies versus risk tolerance, diversification techniques, asset allocation models, and types of mutual funds.
  • Saving for College: What you should know before you begin saving, Managing the financial aid equation, Do’s and Don’ts on how to save, Review of Savings Plans (529 Plans, Education IRA, etc.) and the Fundamentals for College Savings.
  • Estate Planning: How to protect your life savings from Medicaid spend-down rules. How to give more to the Church but still have more money in your pocket.

Sound Bytes - What People Like Most About the Program

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Amendola – Smithtown UMC: atmosphere of trust, sincerity, and willingness to help.

Poksun & Keith Bowes – Lake Ronkonkoma UMC: can clearly see God's direction in your program.

Rev. Carol & Monty Cox– Formerly of Katonah UMC: a remarkable gift that has potential to re-vitalize our faithful stewardship to ourselves as well as to our churches.

Edwina & Robert Cox– Babylon UMC: Anyone who doesn't take advantage of his free services is missing out on a valuable opportunity.

Janet & Dieter Faber - Lake Ronkonkoma UMC: May God bless you in this most incredible labor of love!

Rev. Robert Hullstrung (retired) – formerly of Woodbury UMC: Your wisdom and insight, your concern is most appreciated.

Ms. Wanda Jackson  – Grace UMC St. Albans: I truly felt that it was his ministry, which allowed me to trust him and his advice.

Ms. Kathryn Ketcham – Kings Highway UMC: impressed by Ed Ruppmann’s honest and compassionate desire to educate and help people

Mr. Bob Lukey & Mrs. Deborah Moore – Katonah UMC: We are continually amazed at your selfless dedication to this ministry and can only say thank you and God bless you.

Rev. Marion & Shelley Mitchell (retired) – formerly of Peekskill UMC: This experience has been a real blessing!

Rev. Betsy Ott - formerly of Lake Ronkonkoma UMC: You're doing a wonderful job. FYI our giving here has gone up in the past year and we are increasing in the number of pledgers. There is a much better sense of stewardship as a way of life and of the need for stability in giving so the church has stability in funding ministries.

Al & Donna Small  – Trinity-Buchanan UMC: We sleep soundly at night now knowing that we are planning appropriately for our future.

Sharon & Nathan Stukes – Epworth UMC, Bronx NY: Mr. Ruppmann has been a Godsend to us. We see things in a clearer picture now

Rev. Thomas Theilmann – formerly of Naugatuck UMC: The Stewardship in Action program is an asset for any congregation.

Mauree & James Ward – Great Hill UMC, Seymour CT: There have been 2 programs that have greatly heightened my faith, made me a better giver and a better steward for the church. They were "Disciple Bible Study" and "Stewardship in Action" with Ed Ruppmann

Rev. Rachel Ye-Kim –  formerly of St. Paul's UMC Hartsdale: We were mostly appreciative of the fact that you are offering your time and service for free.

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What’s the catch?

All we ask is your prayerful consideration of a one-time free will offering payable to your local Church.

How Do I Sign Up?

Speak To: Ed Ruppmann 516-364-1151,