About Bishop's Convocation

Each year, the clergy of the New York Annual Conference gather for a time of friendship, fellowship, and a general coming together to fortify and reconnect for the new year. Each event is different, planned to meet the unique needs of the season in which we find ourselves. Our organization team generally takes the comments offered by clergy at previous gatherings to heart and revamp as needed. Previous year’s meeting have included: 

  • New and more engaging ways for you to commune and bond with fellow clergy, while sharing and reflecting on your lives, ministries, struggles and triumphs.
  • Small setting occasions to connect with Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton.
  • Sessions that will allow you to learn from noted experts and productively engage on matters of importance to the life of our churches and denomination. 
  • A flexible schedule to allow for more time for family and relaxation. 
  • More time to meet members of the conference leadership team and discover how they can help you take your church and congregation to the next level. 
  • Plenty of on-site ways to have fun with family in a convenient, approachable and family-friendly venue. 

Wherever we gather and whatever the agenda, Bishop's Convocation is generally a fruitful time for all!

So, please keep an eye out at the start of the year for announcements and join us for a unique opportunity to meet, learn and grow with Bishop Bickerton, your NYAC clergy family, members of the conference leadership team, and noted professionals in the field of clergy coaching and leadership. 

Remember: When clergy take time off for learning and strengthening relationships, they return to their faith communities with deeper faith, viable preaching and clarity of commitment to serve. Bishop's Convocation is promised to be a fruitful and inspiring time for clergy.

Have questions or suggestions about Bishop's Convocation? Use this link to email our NYAC Director of Connectional Ministries. 

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