Upcoming Recovery Team to Puerto Rico has openings

Upcoming Recovery Team to Puerto Rico has openings

Tom Vencuss


Upcoming Recovery Team to Puerto Rico has openings

June 16 to 23

A team from the NYAC just returned from Puerto Rico. We worked on a home in Tao Baja, a community west of San Juan. The small home sits on 4-foot piers and took 5 feet of water! By the time we arrived initial ERT-type work had already been done. All walls had been stripped, almost all home furnishings and appliances had been moved to the street, several feet of mud from under the home had been taken out, and the home had been tarped. The homeowner, both a storm and cancer-survivor, is still living in the house. Our primary team assignment was to replace the roof. In addition, we reinforced all trusses and rafters with additional wood support, installed hurricane straps and other supporting hardware, replaced portions of the flooring, cleaned the yard of debris, and other smaller projects. We worked alongside a foreman from the United Methodist Church of Puerto Rico “3R” recovery program.

The homeowner’s sister graciously provided two meals for the team and the homeowner himself brought us fresh towels to address the heat. They were an amazingly grateful and kind family and overall we had a fantastic experience.  


A team from New Life United Methodist Church in New Fairfield, Connecticut, is scheduled for May 26 to June 2.

If you are interested in joining the upcoming team, June 16 to 23, please reference the team guidelines, complete the application form, and contact Tom Vencuss as soon as possible. We will be purchasing tickets shortly.

Application form for Puerto Rico response

Volunteer Guidelines

Annual Conference Mission Opportunities

This year at Annual Conference there is the opportunity to participate in several one-day mission projects near to the Hofstra University campus through UMARMY and the NYAC “Done in a Day” program.
There is also an opportunity for 100 youth to participate in a “Rise Against Hunger” event on Saturday, June 9, beginning at 11:00 AM. The goal will be to package 30,000 meals to help eradicate hunger. Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief organization providing food and life-changing aid to the most vulnerable around the world.
Additional information and registration forms are available on the NYAC website.
Future Opportunities

If you are planning a mission journey sometime in the near future, if your church is interested in sponsoring a recovery team, or if you are interested in leading a recovery team, please let me know so that our office can assist you with the process.