Keep Sowing Seed

Keep Sowing Seed


  In Matthew 13:3-8, 18-23, Jesus shares and explains his Parable of the Sower. The point of the story is that the seeds being sown can only take root and grow into a strong plant if the soil has been properly prepared to receive them. Thus, we should take great care to keep our hearts open and ready to receive God’s desires for our lives.

  But what if we were to change the focus of the story from the soil to the sower? His job is to spread the seed--which is the Word of God--everywhere. As a teacher of youth, you have the same job description. Notice how the sower scatters the seed in every direction!

  Some of that seed is wasted though, falling on the hardened path or among the weeds and thorns. It must be a little disheartening for the sower to watch the birds eat up the seed and fly away. Is it really that different than the feeling you sometimes get that your lesson failed to connect or your words did not find meaning in the ears of particular students?

  Sometimes, you might wonder, “What’s the point?” or “Is this really worth it?” But look at the sower. He does not stop. He perseveres with the usual sense of urgency. He is the sower. He spreads the Word of God!
-Are there certain “fields” within your ministry that you have stopped seeding?
-What can you do to redouble your efforts?
  Pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit to strengthen you and open your students’ hearts and minds to God’s Word.