This week! Clergy prayer, Wednesday 11-7-18 Newtown with Lori Miller

This week! Clergy prayer, Wednesday 11-7-18 Newtown with Lori Miller

CT District


Hello Pastors of the CT District!

We will be holding a travelling hour of prayer, going from church to church throughout our district from 9:30-10:30 AM every Wednesday.

Each week we will meet in the sanctuary of a different church in our district to bathe that church and pastor in prayer. This will be one hour devoted to prayer for God to move in that church, our district, our conference, our nation and the world (and everything in between). This will not be a gripe session but rather a time “do something about it”. No politics, no agendas, just Jesus and intercession for the needs of our pastors and churches.

I am planning to be there most every week and want to invite you to make this a powerful part of your week. We are looking for every pastor and church to be involved in this vital ministry. I will have a format for us to utilize to make every minute count. We will start on time and end on time (of course you are welcome to spend time with one another after 10:30 and we want to encourage that).

Here is the schedule so far. Please contact me if you aren’t scheduled yet and give me a Wednesday that you’d like to have our pastors’ prayer team come and pray for you and the church you serve.

Please make this a part of your weekly schedule, I believe God will do great things as we gather for prayer! If for some reason you can’t join us, would you commit to praying for the following pastor/church on that day?

Chris Yount 203-746-3725

This week!

11/7/18 Newtown - Lori Miller?


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