More Information on Electronic Giving

More Information on Electronic Giving

Ross Williams


Dear Treasurers, Finance Chairs and Pastors,

More and more resources are being made available to churches with regard to Electronic Giving.

Here are some updates:

On Thursday, March 26th (tomorrow), Servant Keeper, a ministry partner of the UMC, will provide a webinar at 2:00pm EDT.  The webinar, “eGiving During Virtual Ministry,” will focus on answering questions on e-giving and the local church.  To register for this webinar, click here.

If you were unable to join the webinar hosted by Discipleship Ministries last Thursday, “Electronic Recurring Giving: Needed Now More Than Ever!the recording is now available!  There were some great insights on how setting up and promoting recurring electronic giving can strengthen your ministry, not just through this current crisis but beyond.  To access this recording, click here

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT eGIVING  Check out this handy guide to understanding electronic, text, and other forms of online giving.   Click here 

Vanco, a UMC partner, currently serves approximately 25,000 churches and faith-based organizations.  They are the nation’s largest on-line giving provider in the faith-based community.  Vanco does not work in a contracted manner so churches are under no long-term obligation and will not incur a cancellation fee should they choose to terminate services. 

Within the faith-based industry, roughly 60+% of all donations are received through ACH (checking or savings account withdrawals) with the remainder being received through credit/debit cards.  Because of the variance in processing fees for these two options, churches can expect a cost rate of about 2.0-2.2%.  These costs can be further reduced through the use of an offset on credit/debit donations allowing donors to cover the costs of the transactions.

Learn more about Vanco at or contact Peter Johnson at or 952-352-8136.