Want to Use Our On-line Giving Platform?

Want to Use Our On-line Giving Platform?

Ross Williams


Dear Treasurers, Finance Chairs and Pastors,

We have been thinking of ways in which we might help our churches in this time of great uncertainty and distress associated with the pandemic.  We are particularly concerned about the impact on giving due to the absence of in-person worship services.    
We have recently shared information on how to establish online giving programs but we know that it takes time and effort to set up.  

So we are offering churches the ability to use OUR online giving platform for those that have not already created one.

We will absorb the fees for two months, up to $300 per church, and pass 100% of the donations on to you.  Depending upon the number of churches participating and the dollar volume of donations, we may be able to increase this fee cap.  After this two month period your church will have the option to withdraw from the program or continue by paying the transaction fees (estimated to be 2.2% and $0.30 per transaction).

* You will need to provide your banking information to set up a direct deposit (ACH) into your church's bank account.  This will be contained in an Authorization Agreement that each church will need to sign.

* Once the Authorization Form is received we will send you an internet link that you will e-mail to your membership.  This will allow your members to contribute via credit or debit card.

* We will forward all donations made to your church via ACH once per week.

* Each church will be provided with a list containing the names of donors.  Such donations must be included in the giving statements periodically sent to your parishioners.  The Conference will not issue donation acknowledgement letters.
If you are interested please e-mail me at rwilliams@nyac.com.  

I hope and pray that you and your members are staying safe and healthy during this time.