Thank You!

Thank You!

Ross Williams


Dear Pastors, Church Council Chairs, Finance Chairs, and Treasurers,

I would like to take this opportunity to say "thanks" for your tremendous commitment in honoring the work of our connectional church!  As a former church treasurer and finance chair I am keenly aware of what it means for a church to pay their conference apportionments.  It is not a trivial accomplishment, especially in what have been incredibly challenging and uncertain times.  We ended 2020 collecting 78% of all apportionments, which in this economic environment is a very good result.  Please note this doesn't mean your church did not pay 100%.  For those that did, Faithful in Ministry certificates will be given to your District Superintendent at your next Charge Conference.

Should you have any questions about how apportionments work or how these funds carry out the mission of the denomination, please refer to the link at the bottom of this e-mail.

Conference apportionments can sometimes be perceived as a "tax" or funding of administrative costs.  But the reality is that apportionments fund healthcare for our retired clergy, community outreach programs such as food kitchens and warming shelters, our Archives and Parish Development activities and the global missions of our denomination in addition to many other areas.

Approximately 20% of all apportionment dollars sent to the Conference are re-directed to the general church to support the seven funds listed below.  

• World Service Fund
• Ministerial Education Fund
• Episcopal Fund
• Black College Fund
• General Administration Fund
• Africa University Fund
• Interdenominational Cooperation Fund

Again, I want to thank all of you who paid your 2020 apportionments, whether partially or in full.  I hope you will agree that it is money well spent!

Sincerely, Ross

Here to serve the clergy and laity of the New York Annual Conference