Sharing Promises of Spring Can Bring Hope

Sharing Promises of Spring Can Bring Hope

Jim Stinson, Former Consultant on Older Adult Ministries


Like most everyone else in New England, my thoughts are about Spring. Like many people, it is my favorite time of year. I begin looking forward to it in mid-February.

Why? Is it that winter has been too long by then? Maybe, but I’m tired of winter before it even begins, so that most likely isn’t it. Is it because I can open my windows without wasting the heat? Perhaps, but opening them wide for the first time in months reminds me of how many windows I have to wash when I do, so that isn’t it either. Is it because I don’t have to mess around with overcoats, gloves, boots and such? Maybe, but, on balance, those are minor inconveniences, so it is not likely that either. So what is it about spring that is so appealing?

In a word, promise. Spring is a season of renewal; a season of being reminded that winter isn’t forever. It is a reminder that new life is still possible. It arrives with the crocus’ popping through earth that is still hard as a rock, seemingly unable to crack open. It comes with earlier daylight and later darkness, which at times had seemed impenetrable. It comes with a vitality that its very name suggests. It bounces, it springs into being, just about the time winter has refused to let go, promising an end is in sight, as well as a new beginning.

What is it about spring? It is the promise that in the darkest times of life, light seeks to shine; in the most despairing moments of our lives, hope strives to pop out. Spring comes and reminds us that there is always the possibility of new life.

What a needed reminder! Especially to those who are feeling the effects of aging, the decline in one ability or another, the ever increasing doctor’s visits and medications. Especially to those who are feeling as if their most meaningful days are over.

Life, even in the winter of our experiences, is always possible. Hear the reminder! Take heart! Bask in the sunshine! Do the best you can do! Be the best you can be and like the crocus, pop forth into new life! But more importantly, find ways to share the possibilities of Spring with the older adults for whom you care. It is often easy for them to forget the promise of new life does not come with an expiration date. Practice a ministry of hope and promise.

Feel free to print or share with your congregation. © 2014 Rev. James Stinson