Top 10 Reasons to Start Older Adult Ministry

Top 10 Reasons to Start Older Adult Ministry

Jim Stinson, Former Consultant on Older Adult Ministries


10. Older adults know more about living than you do—you can learn from them!

9. Older adults are the biggest givers to the work of the church!

8. Older adults have a great deal of time on their hands which might be used in the congregation’s ministry!

7. Older adults are a sizeable portion of the church—there are more of them then there are of young people!

6. Older adults are the present of the church—not the past!

5. Older adults are easy to please—just demonstrate that you love them!

4. Older adults are interesting—all of them have stories to tell, dreams to be fulfilled, and a deep desire to be needed!

3. Older adults are called to the same ministry as everyone else—discipleship does not come with an expiration date; nowhere does the call say: “to be answered by such and such a date!”

2. Older adults have the same fears and issues of faith as every one else—the ministry of the church is important to them, even if they cannot attend services!

1. Not to have an older adult ministry is to omit a significant part of our call to be in servant ministry. Older Adults are a significant part of the family of God, a family we are called to serve.

No two older adults are alike and no two congregations are alike. Each church needs to carefully assess itself and its response to such ministry; perhaps developing a list of concerns to be considered as it engages in this vital ministry. There are a variety of resources available through the Conference office and online. The NYAC Committee on Older Adult Ministries is compiling a resource packet for local churches. Watch for it! And as always, I am available to visit by phone or in person to assist congregations. The conference web site has a listing of some of the programs I offer for getting started or for enriching what is already being done.

Feel free to print or share with your congregation. © 2012 Rev. James Stinson