Links to Previous Articles by Jim Stinson

Links to Previous Articles by Jim Stinson

Jim Stinson, Former Consultant on Older Adult Ministries


Aging Can Be a Strange Land

Beginning a Ministry with Older Adults

Being Good at Who I Am

Being Present

Blessed to be a Blessing

The Blessing of Service, No Matter the Age

Care Offers Independence, Dignity, Choice, August 2010

Challenging the Assumptions

Coping with Change

Deserved to Be Noticed

Don't Say That Word!

Durable People, May 2009

The Elderly as Partners in Ministry

Facing the Unknown with God

From Garden to Flower Pot

Healing Spiritual Pain

Help Elderly Rid “Veil of Helplessness,” September 2011

Holiness Is Ageless

Honoring the Story

Hoping People through Unprecedented Times, April 2009

Humor and Older Adults

I Hate Bingo! I Love Bingo!

I'm Just Waiting to Die

I'm Not Good Around Old People

It's all About Dying, Isn't It?, January 2011

Invited to Listen More Deeply

It Takes a Long Time to Become Young

Keep Communications as Normal as Possible, September 2010

Keeping Faith Amid Change, May 2011

A Kiss Is Still a Kiss

Leaning on God For All Our Live Long Days, March 2011

Learning How to Grow Old with Grace, October 2011

Learning to Nuture a Positive Attitude, January 2010

Leaving the Familiar

Life and Death Decisions Need Discussion, February 2010

Listening, Respect Integral In Ministry to Older Adults, February 2011

Live Until You Die

Living "Just Now" May Ease Feelings of Loss, March 2010

Living the Best I Can

Living without Regret

Making One's Own Decisions


A Ministry of Hope

The Ministry of Listening

Never Underestimate the Healing in a Hug, December 2011

A New Day

Nourishing the Connection for Absent Elderly, April 2011

Older Adults Viable Workers for Kingdom, December 2009

Outdated Thinking is the Real Barrier

Partnering, Not Parenting

Patients Have a Right to Know the Truth, November 2009

People Want a Pastor, Not Theology

Prayer With Older Adults

"Re-Membering" Can Help Ease Losses, July 2009

Setting Priorities Can Help Avoid Neglect, July 2011

A (Sewing) Circle of Care

Sexuality Is More than Sex

Sharing Bad News with Older Adults

Sharing “Burden” of Truth May Offer Freedom, October 2010

Sharing Information with Caregivers

Sharing the Gospel with Older Adults

She's "Lucky" to Start Over at Age 99,  April 2010

Spinning the Complaints into Rejoicing, October 2009


Treating Older Adults with Respect

True Ministry Begins In Loving People

The Truth Does Set Us Free

Turning Endings Into New Beginnings, November 2010

The Virtues of Routine

Visit, Visit, Visit

Visiting Older Adults

Visiting the Past

Waiting for Christmas

Warped Vision

Where Does History Begin

Will You Hold Me

A Willingness to Listen, February 2009

Witnessing to Hope

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