Message from Missionary Sun Lae Kim serving in Mongolia

Message from Missionary Sun Lae Kim serving in Mongolia


Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Greetings in our Lord's name Jesus Christ!

Chill wind hitting our faces let us know that summer is long gone and winter is right around the corner. We suspect we may not get as much as snow as previous years since we had a lot of rain during the summer.
The mission work here continues only because of your continuous and consistent prayers and financial support. Praise and thank God for all of you for your partnership in Christ. We are especially thankful for your continuous financial support in your own difficult economic circumstances. The Mongolian economy and inflation have had a huge negative impact on the quality of life here. Inflation has made it almost impossible for average citizens to meet their daily necessary needs. As such, Mongolians are doing manual labor during the summer as a second job just to put food on the table for the family and to save money for the harsh winter since employment is scare during winter. Majority of Mongolians feel that life is unfair since the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Only small number of people can afford to enjoy a vacation during summer.
In the midst of these difficult economic situations, we see God faithfully enabling us to do His work in extending the kingdom of God. During the summer, the Chingeltei Church young men formed discipleship class to share the gospel with them. We are encouraged and hopeful as we see this type of movement with the young Mongolians.

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Here are the latest on various ministries:
Chingeltei Church: The church operated a three-week long summer vacation Bible school with volunteers from Young Men’s Group for a very first time this year. The children were not from our church, but children playing out on the street as their parents were away at work.  The program consisted of praise and prayer and Bible Study in morning, and in afternoon, learning English and playing musical instruments, like drums and keyboard; and playing games and sports.  The parents as well as children were pleased with the program. We were very thankful for young teacher volunteers and their hard work.  Due to request for more Vacation Bible School program, we wound up doing another program.  The church had a three week-long discipleship program three days a week for Youth Group.  The Women’s Group visited Khonkhor church area to share the Gospel on the street and to pray for the people during summer. It was encouraging to see these women joyfully come back to church and gather to pray. The church had one to one discipleship training for the adults.
Bread Mission (Homeless/Street peope Ministry): Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support for this ministry. This ministry has extended from Chingeltei Church to Damba Church as well as Damba village. We are praying and planning to extend this ministry to Khohkhor Church in near future. On Sunday homeless/street people come to the church to attend worship service, pray, sing praise songs and eat food.  They  get fill up their water bottles, too. We opened our church to them as we remember Matthew 10:42 “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”
Detention Ministry: Many things were difficult, but we were able to resume our ministry. We visit there on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and then on Sundays for the 3 PM worship.  We share the Gospel with confidence that God will open their heart to receive the Holy Spirit. We also have program such as counseling, group Bible study, family life etc.
Kindergarten (4-6 years old) Ministry: Kindergarten normally ends at the end of May due to summer recess, but church decided to continue to the ministry until June 20, 2014 to help out the working parents. We were unable to receive certification because the kindergarten facility is not an independent facility but part of the church facility. We began this ministry on September 1, 2014. We had to turn away many children because we did not have any more rooms.  In the past, the families only paid registration fee, but families have to pay a monthly tuition of $16.60 for each child starting this September. We are praying that children’s parents will come to know Jesus as a Savior and the Lord.  We are planning and praying about running this ministry on separate facility so that we may receive the certification.

Damba Church ministry:  Narangerel continues to be the leader of this ministry and running “The Before and After School” programs in poverty area. The program not only helps children with their school work and homework, but teaching them more advanced subject when they are ready and able, the Bible and praise songs.  The ministry had to cut the program from five-days a week to three-days a week to the budget hardships.  One woman of NNKUMW helped us to do it continually after their visit to this site in April 2014. We are thankful for God’s faithfulness and supporter.  We pray that God will continue to move your heart about this ministry so that we can work five-days a week program.  We still need to be support and prayer from you.
A story from  Oyunerdene Munganbayar,  4th grade,  age:  9  

I really like to go to the before and after school program. Our church teacher is good to use all of the time. When I go there, I praise God, read the Bible, pray, play with friends and eat lunch. Before I did not go to the program it was very hard to do my work at home. I live with my three brothers and sisters and we don't have any space in our ger. Sometimes it is difficult to do my homework because I don't always understand all of the questions. The program helps me get answers to my questions. My mom also likes sending me to the program. She understands how good it us for me. She doesn't go to church, but she does send me. Sometimes I bring my friends there. We have been studying a lot of things, but in the future, I want to be a teacher. That's my dream. 

A story from Ganchemeg Ouynmaa,   Age:10
My name is Ouynmaa and I'm ten years old. I moved to Damba two years ago. My mother lives abroad. I miss her a lot.  Now  I live with my grandparents and brother.  When I first went to Damba United Methodist Church it was so good for me to meet so many church friends. I then started going to the Before School program at church. The program was a good opportunity to work on my home work, study the Bible and praise God. Our program children help each other and share their experiences. My school grades have been improving. In Damba we really need the Before and After school programs. The programs allow children like me to have a good lunch, to learn in a comfortable environment and to have a good teacher. I like to sing and play with friends. When I came to church I learned about Jesus' love. Jesus died on the cross which provides salvation for my life. He has purpose to do all his work. Jesus is a good reason for  me to go to the Before and After school programs.
A story  from Altanabdar Khongor,  3rd  grade,   Age: 8
My name is Khongor. I have one older  sister and two younger brothers. My mom is  not a Christian and does not have a job. I have a stepfather but I do not like him. Sometimes my mom and stepfather drink alcohol. This is really hard for me. I went to church which is good for me. My older sister lives with my grandmother. She is sick a lot of  the time. I worry about her. When I go to the church's Before School program it makes my heart happy.  Because I pray for my family and have a chance to do my homework and play with friends. I like to praise God. When I praise him in my heart I feel joy all of the time. Our church teacher is all the time pleasant with me. I love my brothers because they are with me most of time at home. I want to study hard so I can be well-educated. My church friends understand me and always have fun with me. Sometimes I bring my classmates to my church. I like to play basketball and football. My church has a wonderful basketball court. This summer bible training was such a nice time. We learned lots of good advice and new songs and made new friends. Blessings!
Khonkhor Church Ministry: Munkhnaraa who is in his third year at the Methodist Theological Seminary is the leader of this ministry.  The church operated a month-long Vacation Bible School during summer.  A short term mission team from a Korean Church helped with the running of VBS as well shared the Gospel with the town people.  The team also raised basketball hoops and set up the outdoor toilets.  We were glad to see children and adults play basketball together. We pray and hope that the people who come to church for many reasons will come to know Jesus.
Zuruhol Home Church:  We started to look for a facility to worship since we had a lot of difficulties gathering at home. Children would come to church for VBS but would not come to house for the worship.  As such, we decided to look for a building to have worship.  Please pray for us.
Prayer Requests:

  • Awakening for God in Mongolia.
  • Revival at Chingulte Church. Growth of disciples. The lay people’s volunteer service with churches.
  • Sharing of Gospel with the parents of kindergarten children.
  • The transformation of people who are in the detention center through the detention center ministry.
  • Before and after school program at Damba Church.
  • Khonkhor church’s registration. Munkhnaraa’s health and her parents’ salvation.
  • Munkhnaraa’s successful completion of the Seminary education and his commitment to do God’s work.
  • Zurukh uul House Church’s need for a building. 

May God continue to do His work in our lives to build up His kingdom!
In the Christ’s love,
Sun Lae Kim
If you like to involve in these ministries, please contact me anytime.
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