Staten Island Report - by Pastor Matt Schaeffer

Staten Island Report - by Pastor Matt Schaeffer


Friday, November 9

  • We have been compiling names of those who can house volunteers as well as those who have cots/inflatable mattresses in case we need to put them in the church. I’ve also reached out to local pastors to check on their facilities. We have some money from donations that we can use to buy bedding items should we need to. Hence we can stick by our initial assessment that we can accommodate up to 40 volunteers.
  • Mark Pierce, an experienced ERT from Connecticut is coming this afternoon. He will stay in the parsonage with Hyesun and I for a few weeks (Thanks, Mary Ellen!). He is welcome asset.
  • We have volunteer firemen from Newburgh  working to pick up 100 cleaning buckets for us due to be delivered tonight.

Saturday, November 10

I have 3 ERT teams going out to effected areas – we’ve found the communities of Cedar Grove, New Dorp Beach, Oakwood Beach, and Midland Beach particularly hard hit. Mark and I will assess the teams’ capabilities and coordinate them either for clean up or for assessment. All the teams are local and require no overnight accommodation.


Mary Ellen Kris will be bringing a team in the A.M. They will help assess our administrative organization and advise/set up accordingly. I’ve arranged to have our paid office worker, Cindy Lubniewski at the church when this team arrives. Depending on how much time they need to spend helping organize, they may go out for either assessment or cleaning.

I thank everyone who is working so hard to help our little island. I’ll check my emails periodically.