New Disaster Trailer for Long Island

New Disaster Trailer for Long Island


Thanks to the efforts of Adrienne Brewington, the Long Island East churches (and others across the conference) came together to donate funds to support the purchase of a trailer that will become the equipment base of operations at one of the Disaster Recovery Sites here on Long Island.
The trailer (similar to the one pictured at right) will hold the necessary tools and equipment required to perform muck out and clean up of homes affected by hurricane Sandy.  We need to outfit the trailer with sufficient storage racks and equipment to do this work. The donations received will enable us to purchase the trailer, and begin to outfit it with the required tools.  We have received some donated tools and thus we have a good start, but to fully outfit the trailer we will need additional funds.   I had estimated at the start that we would need between $8,000-$10,000 to purchase and fully outfit a trailer.  

The ERT trailer will do a lot for our mission efforts here on Long Island.  It will help to spread the word that the Methodists are here to help Long Islanders of all faiths and for that matter spread the word anywhere the trailer is located.  I am the UM representative to the Long Island Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (LIVOAD) and  I am using that connection to help spread the word that the Methodists have set up Massapequa, Freeport, Rockville Centre, Brooklyn, and Staten Island as Disaster Recovery Sites.  Each of these sites need to have the tools and equipment necessary to enable volunteers to work on affected homes.
Currently Massapequa and Staten Island have ERT trailers that can support volunteers working in homes and with the purchase of this new 14’ x 7’ trailer, Freeport will soon have one.

The trailer will arrive at the dealer from Georgia this week. Once we have taken delivery, we will need to purchase storage racks to install in the trailer for storing equipment.  Then as money is available we can purchase the additional equipment needed to complete the trailer.  In the meantime, we will bring the trailer to Freeport for them to use as a equipment base for their operation.

I want to thank everyone for helping out with this effort.  It is amazing what can happen when God is clearing the roadblocks.  

Warren Ferry
United Methodist Church
NYAC Long Island East District
Disaster Response Coordinator