Report from the Field, 12/5/2012 - Kelly Robertson*

Report from the Field, 12/5/2012 - Kelly Robertson*


Today, I went to visit one of the recovery sites for the first time. A woman that was tired and depressed greeted me. It showed all over her face. She was physically and emotionally depleted.

As we sat and talked, her life quickly started to unfold. She told me a very sad story of divorce and financial worries. Her personal life was full of endings and changes and sadness. Although it was sad to admit, her life was not all that different then most. She was going through her own dessert. The only difference was that in the middle of her dessert, Hurricane Sandy came to pay her a visit.

This woman had a beautiful home full of love. It was the one possession that she was able to maintain while everything else was changing. Now it was inhabitable. With limited money and limited resources, she had to move into a hotel until further notice.

She had no idea how she was going to clean, remove the mold and rebuild her house. She then put in an application and a NYAC Relief team showed up. The work in her home was extensive. The team had to remove debris, tear down sheetrock, take out cabinets, and even remove a wall. After they were through she was ready to rebuild.

When she talked about the team and told of their work, her whole face lit up. She described every detail with bright eyes and excitement. She talked and talked about their professionalism and work ethic. The team’s exhaustion could never compare to the blessing they were in the life of this woman that was ready to give up.

This was a shining moment. For a minute, she got to stop telling God how big her problems were and started tell me how big her God is. All because some wonderful people give up their time to help their neighbor.

* Kelly Robertson is working with Rev. Joseph Ewoodzie to support the NYAC's disaster response efforts and will be a regular contributor to the reports from the field.