Youth Ambassadors (YAMS) Ecuador 2013, Day 2

Youth Ambassadors (YAMS) Ecuador 2013, Day 2

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The bus ride from the hotel to the church is long but worth it. You are able to see all of the different scenery, mountains and rock formations. When you think of beautiful scenic countries, you don’t really think about Ecuador.

After the ride, we got to work on three different jobs. One job was to pick stone. Another job was to shovel dirt. The last job was to carry dirt filled wheelbarrows to Pastor Jessica and Elizabeth (The Bishop’s Secretary) down the road. The dirt was used to fill holes in the “street” (dirt path) and to build a mound at the side of the road to prevent erosion of the path.

Onye and Gaius did great work with the picks and for the first part of the day I was on shovel duty. The dirt was all packed together and the mound I had to shovel was HUGE.

After we ate a great lunch of rice, beef, corn, plantains and corn porridge (made by members of the church), I switched to wheelbarrow duty. This was the first time I ever handled a wheel barrow and it showed. Pushing the wheelbarrow was the hardest part of the day. On another note there was a 14 year old that helped us out. His name was Jose. Overall I feel that this day was very productive and successful and I hope that all the other days are like this one (except for the blazing hot sun midday!).

— Kyshaun Gamory