FREE Con Edison Light Bulb Replacement Program

FREE Con Edison Light Bulb Replacement Program

Ross Williams


Dear Church Pastors, Treasurers and Trustee Chairs,

If your church is located in the 5 boroughs or Westchester County, Con Edison is currently running a program whereby one of their partner vendors (iLightGreen) will visit your premises and replace older light bulbs with new energy efficient ones FREE OF CHARGE.  Normally these programs are at least partially funded by the utility consumer but in this case, the Conference has received a waiver of all charges.

The Conference Center just went through this exercise and it was very easy and convenient.  First, ilightGreen will perform a visual inspection of the types of lights currently being used in your buildings.  They will then put together a listing that is sent to Con Edison for approval.  Once this approval is obtained, typically within a week, the ilightGreen team will return and replace all older bulbs with new energy efficient ones.  ilightGreen carries Workers Compensation insurance for their employees while on your premises.

One of our churches that went through this program has seen significant savings in their monthly electric bill.  Your savings will depend upon how many of the older, traditional bulbs are currently being used.

Again, there are no charges associated with this program.

If you would like to participate, please contact either Sol Mermelstein ( or Frieda Mermelstein (

And feel free to let me know how it goes!

Sincerely, Ross