Steeple Cell Tower Revenues

Steeple Cell Tower Revenues

Ross Williams


Dear Treasurers and Finance Chairs (cc to Pastors),

Many of our churches continue to operate in a very challenging environment as a result of an aging membership, decreased attendance and worship facilities that are far larger than needed.  Some churches have been able to create supplemental revenue streams through the lease of interior steeple space to telecommunication companies.  The leasing of "real property" such as a steeple by a 501c3 is generally exempt from taxation.  But there are pitfalls in doing so, including the fact that many of these leases run for 30 or so years and may legally encumber a church in ways not originally anticipated.

If you are interested in leasing your steeple, or are already involved in an effort to do so, I encourage you to read the following announcement from the national finance agency of the United Methodist Church (GCFA).  Contact information for Steeplecom is at the end of this e-mail.   

Sincerely,  Ross

General Council on Finance and Administration Announces Working Relationship with Steeplecom
Nashville, TN – The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) of The United Methodist Church continues to offer opportunities to enhance ministries of The United Methodist Church. GCFA connects with and vets reputable organizations, businesses, and corporations that not only provide discounts and cost savings, but that also generate non-traditional sources of revenues to positively impact the ministry of our local churches and affiliated United Methodist organizations.
In November, GCFA entered into an agreement with Steeplecom. For over twelve years, Steeplecom has been protecting the interests of conferences and local churches when leasing church properties to wireless carriers.  Steeplecom works with local churches to minimize what can be confusing communication with telecom providers.  Steeplecom brings a high level of expertise to advocate on behalf of the local church.  Steeplecom has devised a system that recognizes and accommodates the needs of both the local church and the wireless industry. The system provides the carriers with what they need but in a manner that is consistent with the church's mission.  Steeplecom’s system also provides the knowledge base for churches to make wise decisions concerning complex transactions with wireless carriers.
Through this new program, and by collectively working together, Steeplecom engages directly with the wireless industry so that they can gain access to United Methodist properties in a managed, predictable manner, all in concordance with the Book of Discipline. Tom Moylan, President of Steeplecom said, “Additional funding for ministries is always a blessing for a local church.  We believe these transactions are best handled by subject matter experts like Steeplecom.   
“We consider ourselves blessed to have worked with so many United Methodist Churches over the years.  We are very excited about working together with GCFA in a new way so that we are now in a position to proactively drive wireless opportunities to the UM family of churches, while protecting the interests of Conferences and the local church.  The wireless industry is constantly changing and we are keeping step with it to put our client churches in the best possible position to generate revenues.”
Moses Kumar, General Secretary of the General Council on Finance and Administration said “We believe that the Steeplecom program can generate revenues to support mission and ministry of local churches.  Steeplecom is a fully vetted vendor that is committed to providing services to churches that enable them to increase funding for local church ministries.”

If you are interested in speaking with Steeplecom, please contact Tom Moylan at either 978-386-2322 or