Philanthropy Study & Free Stewardship Webinar

Philanthropy Study & Free Stewardship Webinar

Ross Williams


Dear Pastors and Stewardship Chairs,

Pasted below is a link to the results of a study that was just released by the School of Philanthropy at Indiana University called the 2013 Congregational  Economic Impact Report.

"This study includes responses from 3,103 mostly mainline U.S. congregations.   The study “asked a series of questions about their finances following the Great Recession, which officially ended in the summer of 2009, as well as questions about their most current finances, including 2011 and 2012.”  This study also incorporated questions about congregations’ use of electronic giving tools to shed better light on how these forms of payment might be influencing congregational finances.”

Some of the questions addressed by the survey are:

  • How are the different forms of religious expression in the U.S. doing financially following the greatest economic upheaval since the Great Depression?
  • What are the most significant factors influencing how religious congregations are coping financially today and in the recent past?
  • What strategies are congregations employing to cope with and confront their changing financial environment?
  • What are the current trends in the use of electronic tools and media in terms of financial management and fundraising?

Access the study at:

Also, the next free Stewardship Webinar, sponsored by the General Board of Discipleship is scheduled for Thursday, March 13, 2014, 7:30pm est. According to Ken Sloane, Director of Stewardship & Connectional Ministries, "this course can help people in your church better understand their money, and how to control it so that it doesn’t control them. Written by Dick Towner, who launched Good $ense Ministry at Willow Creek Church, this latest version can have a powerful impact on your congregation and community."

Course name:  Freed Up Financial Living:  Start This Ministry in Your Church!

Register at:

Sincerely,  Ross