Hurricane Harvey Update

Hurricane Harvey Update

Tom Vencuss


An UMCOR - coordinated conference call between Disaster Response Coordinators from Texas and Louisiana and Coordinators from other Conferences was held on Tuesday evening. Each had an opportunity to report on their current situation, the status of their relief/recovery efforts, and provide other information. In summary:

  • All reported that this event was unlike any other experienced before - more than 50 inches of rain. Rain is still falling in some areas and others are still recovering from prior storms.  

  • The Rio-Texas Conference is ready to accept Early Response Teams. Only currently badged and experienced teams are requested. Other Conferences are several weeks away from receiving outside volunteer teams.

  • The most helpful support at this point is financial. Funds may be sent through the UMCOR ( US Disaster Response Advance #901670 or through the Material Resources Advance #901440.

  • Local churches are asked to begin assembling Cleaning Buckets and Health Kits which can be sent to affected areas.

  • No persons or teams are to self-deploy. 

New York Conference Response

  • We will continue to monitor the situation and be in dialogue with UMCOR and local response coordinators.

  • We will identify collection site locations and pick up dates for Cleaning Buckets and Health Kits.

  • We will begin to coordinate ERT teams for deployment. Terry and Mike Temple (Hyde Park UMC) have offered to lead the first NYAC team - October 4 to 11. For information contact Terry ( For those interested in serving on this team but needing an ERT Recert, Terry will conduct a class as part of the team orientation. 

  • A schedule of dates and locations for ERT Recert and Basic courses will be established.

  • Do not self-deploy. All churches or persons interested in leading a team should register with Tom Vencuss ( and work through NYAC-VIM channels.   

  • Let us remember that this will be a long recovery - volunteers and assistance will be needed for many years to come.