The View from My Window: Looking for ‘Peace’ Amid the Pieces

The View from My Window: Looking for ‘Peace’ Amid the Pieces

David A. Gilmore


“Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace—in peace because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord God you have an everlasting rock.” 
(Isaiah 26:3–4)

I’ve been reflecting quite a bit lately around how the “piecemeal” fits into my “peace.” I mean, with all of the “piecemeal-ing” occurring around us, where do we find “peace?”

In a perfect world there would be no sickness . . . or death.

In a perfect world every one would be living harmoniously with every one else.

In a perfect world there would be no hurt or pain around a pastoral move, for the pastor and/or the congregation.

In a perfect world . . . in an idyllic setting, we would be able to find our peace without stuff often taking/shaking us to pieces.

In a perfect world . . .

The truth is . . . we do not live in a perfect world. Live long enough and we will experience tumult; just look at the news! Live long enough and we will feel pain and loss . . . how long has it been since our last funeral? Live long enough and we will traverse some “valleys.” Maybe it’s me, but there is seemingly always some thing happening to some one in some place that raises more angst than serenity. And, again maybe it’s just me, but sometimes just when one area of my life begins to function smoothly, another area runs off the track. Where do we find our peace . . . I wonder?

So, what do we do? How do we still find our peace in the piecemeal?

Personally, I seek the good and lean on my Rock. I believe that in every aspect of life—good and not so good—there is some place, some space that provides room for even the briefest of respites. And, I believe that in this respite, however brief it may be, I can find some good. This is where I find my peace. Additionally, I choose to lean on the promise that if I “trust in the Lord [with a] steadfast mind,” I will experience a real peace or true shalom! No, the world is not perfect, but I still choose to believe God offers perfect peace, and quite often we will find it in some of the most hellish of circumstances. 

For our pastors and congregations feeling the “storms” rising within you, my prayer for you is that you find your peace even while you think your life may be in pieces! 


Stepping away from my window now . . .