New Church Vendors for Administration

New Church Vendors for Administration

Ross Williams


Dear Finance Chairs, Treasurers and Pastors,

I wanted to pass along information about two new vendor relationships that GCFA (the national United Methodist Church organization) has developed to work with our local churches.  Since these are new vendors, I am interested in hearing any feedback you may have if you decide to engage them. 

I hope all is well with you! 

Sincerely,  Ross

First:  With the variety of administrative processes handled in local churches each week, Servant Keeper can assist local churches with software designed to assist with administrative record keeping.  GCFA has added Servant Keeper as a Ministry Partner to provide church management software that provides churches with the ability to track membership, attendance, online giving, contributions, and more. 

Servant Keeper makes processes like maintaining membership data easier. It keeps all information in one place and eliminates the need to have multiple databases and spreadsheets to keep up with multiple programs, people and ministries. With Servant Keeper, churches can reduce administrative effort and dedicate more time and resources to focus on their core ministries.  Available to churches of all sizes, Servant Keeper is affordable, easy to use and accessible in apps for PCs, MACs, smartphones and online. 
Bill Newman, President of Servant PC Resources, the distributor of Servant Keeper, says “We are excited to partner with GCFA to help ministry leaders of United Methodist churches around the world grow their ministries and reach even more people with the gospel.”
Visit to learn more about how Servant Keeper can help your church. 

Second:  Responding to inquiries from local churches about the need for church software to help manage church administrative functions, Church Windows, a leading provider of church management software, is the latest organization to partner with GCFA to support local church ministries.
Church Windows has more than 30 years’ experience in developing church management software.  The cloud based software, which can also be provided as a desktop application, offers modules that can help churches maintain membership records, schedule events, manage giving records/offerings, and offers accounting and payroll functions.  Over 12,000 churches – many of them United Methodist    – are using the current product. Church Windows is a leader in the field of church management software and offers competitive pricing designed to meet every church budget. 
To inform church leaders about the features of Church Windows, the organization provides a searchable online database of documents and videos. In addition, there are free online webinars on a variety of Church Windows topics. Church Windows also offers a free limited trial
Moses Kumar, chief executive of GCFA said, “We are excited about the possibilities this offers local churches in the US. Our commitment is to find ways to lessen the challenges of managing church administrative functions throughout the connection.  Church Windows is one solution that churches of all sizes can use. We praise God for organizations that are willing to work with our churches.” 
Church Windows has an experienced staff that understands managing church operations – from registering and securing programs for children, to accounting and payroll.
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