Marilyn Chan Visiting Livelihood project with GBGM Auditor on March 11-2016

Marilyn Chan Visiting Livelihood project with GBGM Auditor on March 11-2016


On March 11-2016, Marilyn and her secretary, Sophany visited women's Livelihood that was granted by Women's Desk Program . To help support them for the small businesses that they can earn some benefit to take care their family and to reduce the poverty. Also they can send their children to school to get more knowledge that can help their family to have more confidence and to have better life.

We took the picture with Pastor and his wife and Sunil our Auditor from GBGM In Front of the church at Prasre Mook before meeting with the Saving group.

Marilyn  and Sophany were sharing when these project started and how they can help to change their daily life that they used to face with poverty and violence against women and also can help to reduce the migration to work out side the country.

The Saving Group in Prasre Mook's church and community who were supported by Women's Desk Livelihood Program attended the meeting to share the reality of their group team work. Also to answer all the questions that were asked by the Auditor.

This is the picture of the hut of one poor congregation who lived next to the Kork Rokar Methodist Church that the whole family went to Thailand for migration to look for a job for their living. Please pray for them and the others members who face the same problems.

Marilyn was sharing with them some medicines for their needs of pain killer and some vitamins.

This picture of the dried pond of our congregation member of Prasre Mook, that can show us of their lacking of water for animals for plantations for the farm need and humans are facing right now with the whole area.

Picture of Kork Rokar Methodist Church in Prey Veng district. Please keep praying for the pastor and whole congregation who are so poor and most of the members are facing with lacking of food and they went out to Vietnam or Thailand to look for jobs to make money to support their families.