Resources for Black History Month

Resources for Black History Month


Celebrate Black History Month 2016 with resources from the Resource Library like the ones below.  Order Resource Library items online.
Don't forget the Lenten Study Guide prepared by the NYAC Board of Church & Society for Dr. James Cone’s book, The Cross and the Lynching Tree. 
Download the Study Guide.

Embraced by God: Celebrating Who and Whose You Are

By Babbie Mason. Delve deeper into a love relationship with God and discover the height, depth and breadth of His great love and acceptance.  Mason shares her personal journey from understanding how God loves her, not as an award-winning singer or teacher but as God's child  to accepting that love and growing in confidence because of it.
Also by Babbie Mason Embraced by God: Seven Promises for Every Woman .

Plenty Good Room

By Lewis V. Baldwin.  Plenty Good Room is a six week small group Bible study based on African American spirituals. Learn more about the background and history of American slavery and the spirituals. The six spirituals included in the study are: Rock-a My Soul, Go Down, Moses, Balm in Gilead, Ain't Dat Good News?, Every Time I Feel the Spirit, and Plenty Good Room.

Ride On, Jesus

By Tamara E. Lewis. Ride on, Jesus is a five session small group Bible Study based on African American spirituals that emphasizes that the African American story is part of the salvation story and that the God who delivered the Hebrew children is the same God who delivered slaves in the 19th century and the same God who will continue to deliver God's people today. The five spirituals and the scriptures they are based on are: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (Psalm 104:5 - 24), Daniel, Servant of the Lord (Daniel 6:6 - 23), I Got a Home in-a Dat Rock (Matthew 7:21 - 27), Hold On (Luke 9:57 - 62) and Ride On, Jesus (Acts 1: 8 - 11, Revelation 19: 11 - 16).  

Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits

By T.D. Jakes.  Jakes accepts that change is inevitable and teaches how to embrace and expect it rather than fear it. Using wisdom collected from his more than 30 years of counseling and working with everyday and high-profile people, Jakes shows how to take charge of your life and manage change. Jakes covers financial, relational, and spiritual creativity and shows how adapting to transitional moments leads to a more satisfying and productive life.

The Resurrected Jesus

By Kwasi I. Kena. The Resurrected Jesus is an eight session study of the post-Resurrection appearances and the Ascension. Each session is self-contained and includes study helps and questions for reflection that can be done on your own or with a group. 

Children and Youth Say So!

Edited by Marilyn E. Thornton.  A collection of skits, recitations, creative presentations, and poetry for Black History Month, Kwanzaa and other celebrations that have special meaning in many African American churches. Churches of all backgrounds will benefit from having accessible material with which to lift up and celebrate prominent persons in the African American experience.