The Voices of Sandy Recovery — A Feeling of Family

The Voices of Sandy Recovery — A Feeling of Family

Joanne Utley


A Feeling of Family

For Stephania Petit, a recovery case manager on Long Island, there is a special bond with her clients. Sometimes all that they need is for someone to listen, to be present with them.

“We make it so easy and different for them . . . we make them feel like there is hope for them . . . when we walk them through the process . . . they see us as family,” she said.

"Do It!"

Eileen Flynn has been amazed at the volunteers who have come to work on her house.

“They were so cheerful and so willing to work,” she said, especially a group of teens who came from Virginia and offered an impromptu concert on her front lawn.

Flynn has lived in her Lindenhurst home – which sits on a street between two canals – for nearly 50 years and raised her five children there. She does what she can to help the volunteers.

To those thinking of volunteering, she says, “Do it.”

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