FEMA Deadline Extended Once Again to April 13th

Disaster Recovery Ministries Team

April 04, 2013

New York survivors have until April 13 to register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and return their applications for low-interest disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Click title to read more.

UMCOR Disaster Ministries Workshop Announced

April 04, 2013

You are invited to attend a workshop to better understand disaster ministry in behalf of the United Methodist Church, and to identify opportunities for service in response to Hurricane Sandy. UMCOR US Disaster Response executive, Cathy Earl, will be the presenter and facilitator. April 16, 2013

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Children's Disaster Services Training

March 29, 2013

Caring for children after a disaster brings new volunteers to disaster work, often drawing from teachers and child care providers and others who work with children, according to Children’s Disaster Services. If you’ve thought about how a disaster affects children and have wanted to help, this May workshop is a unique opportunity to find out what Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) is all about and possibly to become a volunteer. Click title to read more.

Martin D. McLee - On the Occasion of Holy Week

Previous Bishops

March 28, 2013

Greetings on the occasion of Holy Week 2013! Click title to read more.

What's New in the Resource Library

Lynda Gomi

March 22, 2013

Learn about recently acquired material from baptism to death

Ecuador VIM / March 2013

VIM Teams

March 07, 2013

The team included pastors Oscar Destruge, Arturo Maine, Susan Woodworth and Bob Kersten. Woodworth shares her thoughts in these entries.


Tech Tip: "Spoofing" and "Phishing" Emails

Barbara Eastman

March 07, 2013

A topic of conversation at the conference center recently has been about "spoofing" emails that folks have been getting from other nyac email addresses and other institution which vaguely appear legitimate. These are probably "phishing" attempts.

Youth Ambassadors (YAMS) Ecuador 2013, Day 4

VIM Teams

March 07, 2013

Day 4 – Heather Ungerer Today was out third work day.  It began with a breakfast that consisted of rolls and fresh fruit. One thing I will miss terribly about Ecuador is the freshness and natural taste of the fruit. With full stomachs and well rested bodies we drove to the work site.  Today we found two huge piles of rocks greeting us at the work site.  Our task was to spread these rocks over the yard.  This seems to be a simple task, but it was extremely tedious. Already, on the third work day,...

Youth Ambassadors (YAMS) Ecuador 2013, Day 5

VIM Teams

March 07, 2013

Day 5 – Bomin Choi First thing that comes to mind about this day, LAST DAY OF WORK!! After hard shoveling, digging and wheelbarrowing, for three straight days, I couldn’t help but naturally feel a little relieved once Thursday came.  We continued spreading out the rocks from Wednesday.  At first it seemed impossible, but foot by foot the ground was steadily being covered.  After we finished flattening out all the pile of rocks, I took a step back and had to blink twice to realize what I saw.  In...

Youth Ambassadors (YAMS) Ecuador 2013, Day 6

VIM Teams

March 07, 2013

Day 6 – Akasha Ballantine Poem About February 22, 2013 Driving for days Sleeping for hours Wishing I had something else to look at besides trees and mountains One…two…three… Counting the trees as we go by Four…five…six… Finally we’ve made it To our canoe trip Slipping sliding Tilting tipping Can’t seem to keep our canoe straight Water rushing in from all sides Screaming Laughter Excitement Stepping out into mud Slipping and sliding down the hill Slowly making our way on the bus, wet Driving for ...

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