Caring Touch Can Speak Volumes in Ministry

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

September 14, 2017

He slouches in his wheelchair as bingo cards are being distributed. I am not sure what he is thinking. My guess is he’s not a big fan of the game. Every signal from his body seems to say he would rather be anywhere but where he is at the moment. He is in the sunroom of a very nice community for those who can no longer manage life on their own. Suddenly music from the 1940s and 1950s is heard and “Martie” comes alive. It’s beautiful to see his immediate change of mood. His face lights up. His ...

Message from Missionary Sun Lae Kim from Mongolia

September 14, 2017

Newsletter from Missionary Sun Lae Kim

Current US and Worldwide Disaster Response

Tom Vencuss

September 12, 2017

The New York Conference Disaster Response Office has been in contact with UMCOR as we continue to monitor the effects of disasters around the country and the world to make plans for an appropriate response. At this point we are in a position of "waiting" - but that does not mean one of inactivity. UMCOR is working with local Disaster Response Coordinators to identify and prepare Early Response Teams for future deployment, identifying volunteer housing, and preparing a database of supplies and ...

NY Conf Flood Bucket/Cleaning Kits Drop-Off Locations

Tom Vencuss

September 12, 2017

The following churches are accepting flood buckets/cleaning kits:   Bayport, NY UMC M-Tu-Th-Fri 10am-2pm; Special arrangements, please call 631-472-0770 or e-mail: Bronx, Calvary UMC Tu-Th-Fri, 9am-1pm Brooklyn, NY, Sheepshead Bay UMC, Call to make arrangements with Pastor Cundy  347-553-3300 Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Asbury UMC Call Pastor Melissa at 646-241-7746 Hicksville, NY UMC 9:30 to 11 AM  10/14, 11/11, 12/9 or by arrangement: Ellen Giuffrida ...

Update on the Caribbean - Hurricane Irma

Tom Vencuss

September 11, 2017

The Methodist bishop of Puerto Rico requests prayers for his island and its people. Read the letter from Bishop Héctor F. Ortiz Vidal here. Friends of UMCOR—here is an update on the Caribbean from Dr. Olusimbo Kehinde Ige, Interim Executive Director of UMCOR.  Hurricane Irma has become one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic, a category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 295 km/hour. To date, it has passed over Barbuda, Saint Barthelemy, Anguilla, Saint Marten, ...

NY State Family Leave Law

Sally Truglia

September 09, 2017

Information for UMC Churches and affiliated organizations in New York State Starting January 1, 2018, New York will put in place one of the most comprehensive paid family leave laws in the nation.  The final regulations are still pending and guidelines are just becoming available. However, it’s still important to pass along information about the current NY disability law and its upcoming change. New York is one of a handful of states that require employers to provide disability insurance ...

Church Partnership with Hardware = Cleaning Buckets

Neal Bowes

September 07, 2017

By Neal Bowes Written for the Youth Worker Collective Giving teens a way to get their hands dirty in response to disasters like Hurricane Harvey is absolutely essential.  Far too often churches relegate the hands-on helping to the adults and miss the power of harnessing the passion of students.   What do you do?  How do we help channel our students in our churches to make a difference in the lives of those recovering from this tragedy?  One word: UMCOR. The United Methodist Committee on Relief ...

Bishop Bickerton Responds on Hurricane Relief

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton

September 06, 2017

Dear Friends & Colleagues,   It seems that writing pastoral letters to you has become a constant in these days of turmoil and uncertainty.  Global instability, political upheaval, and domestic acts of hatred have dominated our lives in recent weeks.  Now, yet another threat has consumed our thoughts and prayers.   I, like you, am heartbroken at the images coming out of Texas and Louisiana in response to Hurricane Harvey.  And, even as I write this letter, Hurricane Irma is raging through the ...

Hurricane Harvey - Update

Tom Vencuss

September 05, 2017

Even as Hurricane Harvey was forming, United Methodists, through UMCOR and our connectional system, were preparing for a response: queueing up clean up buckets and health kits, alerting Early Response Team volunteers, and making emergency grants available. In response, in some areas local churches are serving as emergency shelters, ERTs are on the ground, and UMCOR is working with other relief/recovery agencies. For the latest UMCOR response update please click here. Following UMCOR protocols: ...

Hurricane Harvey Update

Tom Vencuss

August 30, 2017

An UMCOR - coordinated conference call between Disaster Response Coordinators from Texas and Louisiana and Coordinators from other Conferences was held on Tuesday evening. Each had an opportunity to report on their current situation, the status of their relief/recovery efforts, and provide other information. In summary: All reported that this event was unlike any other experienced before - more than 50 inches of rain. Rain is still falling in some areas and others are still recovering from ...

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