Playing the Game Until the Last Hole

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

September 01, 2012

“Face it, we’re playing the back nine.” Although I do not play golf, I understood what he was saying. To a golfer, the phrase refers to the last nine holes played in an 18-hole round of golf. To my friend, who is the same age as I am, it had a far different meaning. He was reflecting that his game—his life—was in the last years. There was a certain wistfulness in his tone. He was clearly thinking, on some level, about his mortality. He’s always been a happy-go-lucky kind of a guy. So it was a ...

Accepting the Request to “Go Home”

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

August 01, 2012

Hattie died the other day. At 95 years of age, her last spoken word was, “I want to go home!” Her daughter leaned over to her and said, “Mom, it’s okay to go home. We’ll be okay here. Go home!” It was a poignant moment, followed very shortly by Hattie’s last breath. It was especially poignant because she had lived at the Bishop Wicke Health Center for the last two years. During that time, every conversation with Hattie began and ended with, “I want to go home. Why can’t I go home?” No amount ...

God’s Grace Helps Us More Than Survive

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

July 01, 2012

“A burden of these years is the temptation to cling to the times and things behind us rather than move to the liberating moments ahead. A blessing of these years is the invitation to go light-footed into the here and now—because we spend far too much of life preparing for the future rather than enjoying the present.” Joan Chittister, in her book, “The Gift of Years—Growing Older Gracefully,” offers this insight. Our older years are wasted if we keep looking backward, but fulfilling if we are ...

Never Underestimate the Richness of Life

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

June 01, 2012

Elizabeth was a gem. She always had a huge grin at the ready—she loved everyone around her. Other residents adored her. She was different though, having a medical event early in her life that damaged her brain and left her thought processing slow and often quite childlike. But her personality rose above what could have been a tragedy. For whatever reason, she managed to live a full life, working as a housekeeper for the Residence for Students of St. Vincent’s Nursing School in Bridgeport, Conn. ...

Helping Elderly Embrace New “Blooms”

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

April 01, 2012

“I have an appointment with April.” Purportedly these are the last words delivered by George Santayana—philosopher and poet—as he presented his last lecture as a professor at Harvard. Santayana had inherited enough wealth to allow him to retire early. As he spoke to his class, he glanced out a window and noticed a forsythia bush in full bloom. So taken by the sight, he stopped what he was doing, gathered his papers, put them in his brief case, announced to those attending the lecture, “I have an...

Rainbows a Sign of Hope Forever

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

March 01, 2012

Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side? I remember the first time I heard Kermit the Frog (my favorite Sesame Street character) sing this song, asking this question. As I round out my 10th year as Director of Spiritual Life for the United Methodist Homes, Kermit’s question is more important and the answer to it is clearer. I’ve been asked two questions lately, with some frequency. The first is: “Don’t you get tired of dealing with old people, with all their ...

Embracing the Life That is — Gifts & Frailties

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

February 01, 2012

Bill had a major operation recently. Before the surgery, his doctor told him that there was a good chance that he would end up with some paralysis. Bill said he prayed that any paralysis not affect his arms and hands. In fact he did end up having full use of both his arms and hands, although he does have some paralysis of his legs. Bill did rehab as a patient at our Bishop Wicke Health Care Center. Every day he was there he would leave his therapy sessions and play the piano in our lobby. The ...

Tech-Savvy Ways May Isolate Older Adults

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

January 01, 2012

Sound bites! Who knew this expression would gain such wide usage? It speaks to the language of social media where many words are not even fully spelled out—brevity and the sense of rushing being deemed more important than taking the time to truly speak to one another. It speaks to a time where many communicate in one or two words. Later! Gotta go! Call me! It may be one approaching a milestone birthday who muses about such things. I’m not sure. But nonetheless I miss the days of phone calls....

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Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

December 01, 2011

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