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Jim Stinson, Former Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

December 01, 2011

Aging Can Be a Strange Land Beginning a Ministry with Older Adults Being Good at Who I Am Being Present Blessed to be a Blessing The Blessing of Service, No Matter the Age Care Offers Independence, Dignity, Choice, August 2010 Challenging the Assumptions Coping with Change Deserved to Be Noticed Don't Say That Word! Durable People, May 2009 The Elderly as Partners in Ministry Facing the Unknown with God From Garden to Flower Pot Healing Spiritual Pain Help Elderly Rid “Veil of Helplessness,” ...

Greenwich Office

Here's a link to the Google map for this address; you'll see all of the green space around the building, and all of the nearby restaurants and shops:,+Greenwich,+CT/ View #1 View #2 View #3 View #4 Office #1 Office #2 Office #3 Office #4 Office #5 Office #6 (server room) Office #7 Copy room - #1 Copy room - #2 Kitchenette (tiny, tiny) Fridge (ditto) Covered parking  

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